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Top: Ashburton Carnival 1912
With thanks to Sheila Lafleur
Above: Ashburton 1912
From my own collection

Below: The Exeter Inn and Barnes' Café, 1970s
From my own collection

Llamas in an Ashburton field, 1941. I have absolutely no idea why they were here.
Many thanks to Sheila Lafleur for this photograph

Wendy Major believes that this is to do with Paignton Zoo. Food was scarce for the animals during WWII, and the moors provided a free source of nutrition.
Thanks to Wendy for this.
The zoo began as a private menagerie of Herbert Whitley Snr. One branch of the family later lived at Welstor. See http://www.paigntonzoo.org.uk

This website has some of my research into my home town of Ashburton, Devon, UK

Increasingly it also incorporates photographs, research and memories from other people who have a connection to this terrific place, and to all of them my grateful thanks. I am interested in all aspects of the town's history pre-1970, and love to hear from anyone who has information or any objects that I could photograph. To contact me go to the 'About me' page.


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