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Top: Ashburton Guides and Brownies, 1920s
With thanks to Nancy Frey
Above: King's Bridge and Kingsbridge Lane, showing a surface of stone setts.
From my own collection.

Below: One pound note from the Ashburton Bank, dated 1808.
Many thanks to Jeremy Parker for this image


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This website has some of my research into my home town of Ashburton, Devon, UK

Not forgetting the photographs, research and memories contributed by people who have a connection - old or new - to this terrific place. To all of them my grateful thanks. I am interested in all aspects of the town's history pre-1980, and love to hear from anyone who has information or photographs. To contact me go to the 'About me' page. 

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 Above and below: Crestware duck with   the Ashburton crest.
 With many thanks to Bruce Harran