Some owners and occupiers of Ashburton properties in 1951

The following is a list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest, compiled under Section 30 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. It is dated 1951.

The Hall - Owner/occupier Mrs Fosbrooke
Furzeleigh, with outbuildings and gates - Owner/occupier Mrs F E Bearne
Dartbridge Cottage - Owner A J Campion, Little Birches, Swinley, Ascot, Berks; Occupier Mr and Mrs Fricker
31 East Street - Owner J W Owen, The Nook, East St., Ashburton; Occupier 1. A Owen, 2. Mrs Eales
63 East Street - Owner Mrs Fosbrooke, The Hall, Ashburton; Occupier 1. Mrs M L Lear, 2. Mrs Simmons
65 East Street - Owner H A Luscombe, 67 East Street, Ashburton; Occupier F D Matthews
67 East Street - Owner/occupier H A Luscombe
67A East Street - Owner H A Luscombe; Occupier J Searle
77 East Street - Owner/occupier W Mann

42 East Street - Owner/occupier G B Soper
Golden Lion Hotel - Owner/occupier J P Greenwood
62 East Street - Owner/occupier Mrs S E Gibbs
64 East Street - Owner R Cooper, 24 West St., Ashburton; Occupier 1. A Lynn, 2. Mrs E M Wilson
66 East Street - Owner Mason J Tucker & Son, 66, East St., Ashburton; Occupier H Tall

5 Kingsbridge Lane - Owner T W Hobbs, 7 Kingsbridge Lane, Ashburton; Unoccupied
6 Kingsbridge Lane - Owner/occupier F S Boyes
7 Kingsbridge Lane - Owner/occupier T W Hobbs

Old Mill, Mill Lane - Owner J Stephens, North Mill, Ashburton; Unoccupied

4 North Street - Owner/occupier A R Church
9 North Street - Owner/occupier E A Davies
10 North Street (Card House) - Owner/occupier Mrs E E Brondon

The Old Court House (Lambel's Cottage) - Owner/occupier O F Tucker This entry is hand written - appers to have been added 1957 

15 West Street (St. Andrew's Close) - Owner/occupier Mrs J N Knight
24 West Street - Owner Barnes (Confectioners) Ltd., 24 West St., Ashburton; Occupier R C Cooper
26 West Street (Exeter Inn) - Owner/occupier Mrs E M Westerman
30 West Street - Owner Mrs M S E Sly; occupier 1. Owner, 2. H J Hayden
32 West Street - Owner Rev G A B Jones, The Vicarage, Ashburton; Unoccupied
42 West Street  (St. Bridget) - Owner Mrs. H J Horrell; Occupiers 1. Owner, 2. Miss E H Pigot

West End Cottage, Western Road - Owner/occupier Mrs E I Ferris

With thanks to Pete Webb