Going away to school
                                         The Greenwich Hospital School

The Greenwich Hospital School was founded in 1712 as part of Greenwich Hospital, with the aim of teaching boys from naval backgrounds. It was originally housed in the buildings which now form the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.
http://www.royalhospitalschool.org/school-life/introduction/#heritage-and-traditions - Accessed 24-05-2015

Ashburton boys admitted to the Greenwich Hospital School:

Samuel Lloyd, born 25 December 1820, and baptised in Ashburton. Parents married 6 January 1816, Kingsteignton. Admitted 18 May 1832
Ref 73/284/97 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Pearce Lloyd, born 3 April 1824, and baptised in Ashburton. Parents married 6 January 1816, Kingsteignton. Admitted 8 January 1836
Ref 73/284/97 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Lenox Lloyd, born 30 May 1823, and baptised in Ashburton. Parents married 6 January 1816, Kingsteignton. Admitted 21 June 1837
Ref 73/284/89 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

George Hodge Murray, born 25 February 1825 and baptised in Ashburton. Parents married 12/13 September 1813 in East Stonehouse. Invited to attend the school September 1836.
Ref 73/302/70 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

James Sylvanus Murray, born 17 May 1834 and baptised in Ashburton. Parents married 12 September 1813 in East Stonehouse. Has sister Selina. Admitted 1843.
Ref 73/302/73 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk

William Osmond Ferris, born 24 February 1836. Parents William Ireland and Ann Ferris married 26 January 1833 in Ashburton. Sisters Sarah Leonora, Emma Maria and Margaret Mary.
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Charles Pooley, born 1 March 1844 and baptised in Ashburton. Parents Charles and Jane Pooley (nee Waycott) married 2 October 1825 in Ashburton. 
Ref 73/319/78 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk


                                                   Blundell's School

Dating to 1604, Blundell's school was funded by an inheritance from Peter Blundell, a wealthy merchant who died in 1601. He left money and lands in Tiverton and South Devon to found a school to promote 'sound learning and true religion' - at the time it was the largest and grandest in the area.
http://www.blundells.org/admin/school_history.htm - Accessed 29-2-2016
Right: Old Blundell's.
Humphrey Bolton [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Ashburton boys at Blundell's School
Fitzwillm Young, 12, son of William Southcott [Young], surgeon, August 14th 1798 - June 30th 1801
George Young, 11 (?), son of William S Young, surgeon, January 29th 1801 - June 29th 1804
James Mogridge, 12, son of James Mogridge, surgeon, Aug 19th 1802- June 29th 1805
Wm Hern, 14, son of Wm Hern, gent, August 30th 1802 - Dec 15th 1803
Walter Palk Mogridge, 13, son of James Mogridge, surgeon, Jan 28th 1804 - Dec 15th, 1806
Peter Cockey, 15, son of Wm Aldridge Cockey, clerk, Feb 2nd 1807 - June 29th 1808
Thomas Young, 13, son of Wm Southcote Young, deceased, surgeon, August 20th 1808 - Dec 17th 1810
Thomas Cousins, 11, son of Ths Cousins, gent, August 10th 1809 - Dec 16th 1813
Robert Mogridge, 14, son of James Mogridge, esq., February 6th 1811 - Dec 16th 1812
William Kitson, 10, son of John Lane Kitson, clerk, Staverton, Ashburton, Jan 29th 1816 - June 29th 1822
James Woodley, 14, son of Mr James Woodley, Halsanger, nr Ashburton, Feb 5th 1836 - April 1838
John Stewart Mitchell Gill, 14, son of Rev John and Emily Jane Gill, Holne Vicarage, Ashburton, sept 1881 - April 1884

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