People and Properties 1900s

 Ashburton parish 1901

The following is a transcript of notes made by Mr and/or Mrs Hatch, probably in the 1980s. Thus where 'now' is written, it refers to that date. The source of their information is unknown, and I have added notes in italics in places. They were obviously still looking for information on some properties - I have left the names in case more is found in the future.

Cruse's Court - now Ambulance Hall

Hannaford's Court - now workshop next to Red Lion

Position confirmed by census

Sun Inn - 4 North Street, Church's Ironmongers.

From the 1911 census, below, it seems that the Sun Inn was in fact on the opposite side of the street.

Ebenezer Cottages - Back Lane, now Stapledon Lane

Engineers Arms Inn - 7 North Street, late Liberal Club

From the 1911 census, below, it seems that the Engineers Arms was in fact No 21

Bialo (sp?) - 25 East St.

Pitt - Pittmoor (Rew)

Traveller's Rest Inn - in Bickington

Banks Brim - 80 East Street + field

This fits with Banks Y Brim next to No 78 in census, below.

Leny Water - top of East Street, north side.

Cousins Court - Ladwell Square

There is a Cousins Court in East Street - see census below.

Osmond's Yard (miller) - Thornings Yard

Chevy Chase

Next to No 53 North Street in census, below.

Commercial Inn - was in North Street, now demolished.

From the 1911 census, below, it seems that the Commercial Inn was in fact No 7, still standing - I believe Mr and Mrs Hatch got the Engineers Arms and the Commercial Inn the wrong way around.

Park View - West End Terrace

Confirmed by census

Orley House - East Street, now Ashburton Hotel

Appears from the census below to be two doors down from No 83


High Park Cottages

Rentor (sp?) View


Ogwell Hill

St Lawrence House

In St Lawrence Lane - see census below

Staverton Place - now Staverton Cottages

Eastern House - ruinous cottages by Catholic Church

See census for East Street, below

Barnstaple Cottages, North Street - demolished for road widening into rocks.

Many thanks to Jeremy Hatch for the original notes


From 1696 lists of men qualified to serve as jurors had to be sent to the Quarter Sessions. To qualify, a man had to be aged between 21 and 70 and possess property worth a certain amount - the value varied over time but £10 per annum seems to be the standard amount. After 1730 a man who possessed leasehold property with a value of £20 per annum or more also qualified.
The property qualification was finally abolished in 1972.

Below is the list for Ashburton from 1901.
'The Return of the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Ashburton, in the Hundred of Teignbridge, and in the Petty Sessional Division of Teignbridge, in the said County, of Men qualified to serve on Juries.'

I have omitted columns such as 'Amount at which assessed to the Poor Rate' for clarity.
Below: The list was signed by the Overseers
Many thanks to Bob Heath and Ashburton Museum for photocopies of these documents


1904. The Urban District Council passed plans for a new house in West Street, for Mr George Steer, but Mr E Sawdye's request for gas to be laid on to his new house at Hill Park was rejected.
Western Times 9 February 1904, p11 col3


'Officers Public Institutions etc' from the Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Brent and Ivybridge Almanac 1906

Portreeve - Mr Edwin Tucker Magistrates - Peter Fabyan Sparke Amery, Druid, Ashburton; Simeon Berry, Ashburton; Hon Richard Dawson, Holne Park; J W F Bickford, Bickington; Major Tucker, The Hall, Ashburton; P F T Struben, Spitchwick

Magistrates' Clerk - Mr H M Firth, Solicitor, East St

Police Station, St Lawrence Lane - Sergeant Prew.

Registrar of births and deaths - Mr F H Rogers, East St

Registrar of marriages - Mr W H Langler, East St

Assistant Overseer - Mr H V Foot, East St

Income tax collector - Mr F Edgecombe, Post Office

Relieving Officer - Mr F H Rogers, East St

Railway Station, St Lawrence St - Mr W H Box, stationmaster

Railway parcel deliverer - Mr A E Preston, East St

Post and telegraph offices, St Lawrence St - Mr W H Edgecombe, postmaster

Banks - Capital and Counties Bank, East St, manager - Mr W P Rendell;

Devon and Cornwall Banking Co., East St, manager - Mr C J Jeffery

Gas works, St Larence St, resident manager - Mr G Denham

Ashburton Building Company, East St, Secretary - Mr W H Langler

Ashburton and Buckfastleigh Cottage Hospital, Eastern Road, Hon secs - Mr P F S Amery and Mr H M Firth

Ashburton District Nurses' Association, Hon sec - Mrs Mortimer

Library, East St, librarian - Mrs J P Foot

Constitutional club, St Lawrence St, Hon secs - Mr E Tucker, jun, and Mr R Reynolds

Ashburton Mutual Improvement Association, Congregational school, Hon sec - Mr J Fogden

Young women's Christian Assocation - Hon sec - Miss Lay, B.A.

Rational Sick and Burial Association, Sec - Mr R Soper 

Odd Fellows' Lodge, Globe Hotel, Permanent sec - Mr J F Baker

Ashburton Cottage Garden Society, Hon secs - W Osmond and R Reynolds

Foresters' Court, (St Lawrence), Railway Hotel, Sec - Mr C Woods

Shepherd's Lodge, London Hotel, Sec - Mr F Edgecombe

Masonic Lodge, Registrar - Mr R E Tucker

Ashburton volunteer corps, Armoury, St Lawrence St., Commanding Officer - Lieut R B Berry; Band, Sec - Sergt Egbeare

Hele Band, Sec - Mr W H Whiddon

Ashburton Cricket Club, Hon sec - Major R C Tucker

Ashburton Association Football Club, Hon sec - Mr W J Nicks

School managers: Mr P F S Amery (chairman), Mr J F Baker, Mr J Cock, Mr J H Mitchelmore, Mr J Berry and Mr F Mann

Schools: Grammar School, Chapel St Lawrence, Headmaster - Mr James Mortimore B A

High School for Girls, East St - Miss Lay B A

Council School, Bowling Green, Master - Mr W T Butchers; Mistress - Mrs Butchers

North Street - Miss Hext's

Hare's Lane House - Mrs Egbeare

Overseers: Mssrs J Randall, J Batten, C J W Yolland and W H Langler

Urban District Council: Chairman - Major R C Tucker; Vice-chairman - Hon R Dawson; Messrs P F S Amery, J F Baker, J Berry, J H Foaden, J Lamason, W Osmond, E Sawdye, J Cock, jun., J P Tucker, W Wreyford.

Medical Officer of Health - Dr Johnson

Surveyor and sanitary inspector - A Wilson 

Collector - H V Foot

Clerk - R E Tucker



Left: West Street, looking from the Bull ring. A K Easterbrook is a tailor and hatter* - in the 1911 census below, John Henry Easterbrook is at the same property, Haytor House.
From my own collection.

* A K Easterbrook is mentioned as being present at the funeral of Col P F S Amery, in 'The Late Col P F S Amery, of Druid, Ashburton. Biographical sketch and report of funeral reprinted from the Ashburton Western Guardian, August 1st 1907.'
Available from - Accessed 4-5-2014

Some residents ('Head of house') of West Street in the 1911 census. It begins with The Vicarage and comes down the street on what is now the odd-numbered houses, ie the south side of the street

(full details of all occupants can be found at and other subscription sites ).

Richard James Bond - The Vicarage

Reginald Cockwill - No 29

Jane Denley Lee

John Endacott - Eudora

Francis Oliver

James Henry Mitchelmore - No 17

Alfred Wilson - Fairleigh

Jane Cole - London Hotel

John Henry Easterbrook - Haytor House

John Leaman - Town Mill (Manager corn mills)

Daniel Ogilvie Evans - No 7

Peter Willcocks - No 3

John Isaac Lamason - No 1

There was some confusion with the following properties, which lie between the Bull Ring and the corner of St Lawrence Lane..

They are (usually) classed as West Street in the census, but are now East Street.

Eliza Ann Bickham - Capital and Counties Bank (Housekeeper in charge)

William John Eales - 4 East Street crossed out and West St put in

William Barber Palk - West St

Harold Foxford - Stafford House (now St Lawrence Lane )          



Residents ('Head of house') of West Street in the 1911 census in what is now even numbered houses, ie the north side of the street.

There is a group of properties that begins this list on Bowden Hill, and I have started with one 'rogue' entry* for Bowden Hill that for some reason was put with the entries before Church (now Blogishay) Lane off St Lawrence Lane.

(full details of all occupants can be found at and other subscription sites ).

*Elizabeth More - Bowden Hill

George Wotton - Part of cottage, Bowden Hill

William Sargeant - Part of cottage, Bowden Hill

Thomas Towillis - Cottage, Bowden Hill

William McDowell - (Cottages) 2 Bowden Hill

Elizabeth Smith - 2 Orchard Mount, Bowden Hill

Mary Helina Jibbs - Orchard Mount, Bowden Hill

John Hannaford - Birdcage

Walter Tiddy

William John Chambers

Charles John Roberts - No 48

Albert John Tong - No 46

Georgina Lidstone - No 44

Pearse Foaden

Samuel Batten - No 40

Louis Rolstone

Jno Hannibal Foaden - Sparnham

Samuel Caseley

Ernest Alfred Ellis

William George Cole

John Pomeroy - Spurins (?) Court

Charlotte Sumpter - Spurins (?) Court

Thirza Aplin - Spurins (?) Court

Lucy Thorne - Spurins (?) Court

Mary Ann Knapman - Spurins (?) Court

Alec Beavis - Spurins (?) Court

Samuel Smerdon - Spurins (?) Court

Charles Cann - Westlands

Susan Denney - Exeter Inn

John Barnes

William H Hext - Bank House

Edward Drew - Dorncliff

Herbert Frederick Stevens

Henry Pengilley - No 14

Frank More Easterbrook

William Osborn

John Down - London House

Samuel Honeywill - Rose and Crown


2 entries found elsewhere that are listed as West Street:

William Peachey - West Street

Thomas Murch - West Street (but also Church Lane)


Left: Slightly further up Bowden Hill
Many thanks to Lerida Arnold for the photograph

Some residents ('Head of house) of North Street in the 1911 census. It begins at Great Bridge at the top of North St. and comes down the street on what is now the odd-numbered houses, ie the west side of the street


William Hobbs - Great Bridge

Bertha Head - 13 Great Bridge

William Jeffery - 12 Great Bridge

Thomas Palmer - Great Bridge

William Edwin Knowling - Great Bridge

Harriette Elsie Full - Great Bridge

Richard Charles Cornish - Great Bridge

Mary Ann Travetham - Stancliffe Great Bridge

James Mc Dowell - Great Bridge

Thomas Henry Emmett - Great Bridge

James Lowrey - Great Bridge

Alfred Northway - Great Bridge

Scappaticci Gayton 2 Great Bridge

William John Loram - Great Bridge

Thomas Ash Brooks - Crockaton Bridge

James Arscott - Crockaton

John Edmonds - Crockaton

Albert Peter Head - 2 Crockaton

Thomas Geo Routley - Crockaton

Thomas Gilbert

Arthur Roberts

George Cann

Samuel Doddridge - Victoria Inn

Frank Squires - Great Court

Alan George Bickford - Great Court

Simon Chivall

Louisa Jane Knott

Emma Vicary

Alfred James Gill Knott

Dinah Tuckett

Ann Badcock

Mary Ann Peacock - Double Passage

John Davis - Double Passage

William Richard Eale - Double Passage

Alice Maud Mary Burge - Double Passage

John Henry Eales - Double Passage

Lucy Homes - Double Passage

William Eales - Double Passage

Le Chevalier de Paig - Double Passage

Susan Bowden - Double Passage

Albert Hannaford - Double Passage

Daniel Eggbeer

Frank Thorn

Elizabeth J Mortimore

Charles Stewart Wotton

Eliza East

Matilda Hewings - No 53 North Street

George Rowland - Chevy Chase

Samuel Leaman - Cottage

Albert Edward Davey - Northcotes (?) Cottage

William Daw - Town Mills

Robert Michelmore

Helena Maude Pascoe

Jane Warren

Francis Ryall

Frederick Campion

William T Grute - Winsor Court

Rose Thorn - Winsor Court

William Ellis Winsor - 4 Winsors Court

William Winsor

J T S Conneybear

Elizabeth Peachey

John R B Lamiman - Culloden Inn

John Ellery

Alfred Baker - No 25

Henry Williams

George Shillabear - Engineers' Arms No 21

S F Willis

Charles Steer - Globe Arch (Frenchy Park ?)

Elizabeth Ann French - Gallant Square

William Richard Townsend - Globe Arch (Gallant Square)

George German - 1 Gallant Square

Elizabeth Shillabear - Globe Arch

John Thorne - Stancliffe 3 Globe Arch

John Walker - 4 Globe Arch

Sarah Jane Kingdom - 5 Globe Arch

Elizabeth Whiddon - North Street (5 Globe Arch)

John King - 6 The Arch (Globe Arch)

Sarah Mary Edwards - Globe Hotel

John H Smerdon

Robert Satterly - North Street Dairy

George Avery - Commercial Inn

Henry Ewart Russell Mallett - Roscoe

John Butler - Sun Inn


Some residents ('Head of house') of North Street in the 1911 census.  It begins at the top of North St. and comes down the street on what is now the even-numbered houses, ie the east side of the street .


Richard Charles Fletcher

Elizabeth Susan Abbott

George Henry Thorning

Alfred James Keat

Elizabeth Grute

Mary Martin

William Bishop

William Head

Thomas Routley

Elizabeth Bennett

Ann Maria Headon

Samuel James Simmons

John Parnell

Alfred John Gerry

Susan Gill

George Harvey

Thomas Henry Kingwell

Bessie Bowden

James Walker

George Routley

Elizabeth Syms

George Howis

William John Warren

Bessie Elford - Bay Horse

Joseph Samuel Burch No 64

Nicholas French

Mary Ann German

John Woodgates

William Endacott

John German

John Whiddon

Thomas H Mugford

Harriet R Hamlyn

Henry Smith - No 44

Charles Cresswell

Charles Northcott

William Eggbeer - Northgate House

John Foot - No 38

Henry Veale - Tudor House

William Coleman

Alfred Lale - 2 Hutchings Court

Elizabeth Ann Bartlett

William Henry Hutchings

William Thomas Distin (?)

Bessie Hext

Frederick Eli Rodgman

Adrian Hays No 24

William Henry Langler

Bryan Brown - Town Arms

Oliver Alway

Mary Willcock - No 14

John Dayment Reddaway

Charles Henry Halse - No 10 - see below

John Osborne - No 8

Mary Jane Martin

Agnes A Lamason

Horace Boon

James Fogden No 2

Above: North Street, early part of the 20th century. The shop on the extreme right, No 10, is a butcher's, and has the name Halse written underneath the window.
From my own collection

In 1920 Rendell and Sawdye held an auction of various properties, including a house, shop and business premises in North Street, 'late in the occupation of Mr C H Halse.'
Western Times 27 April 1920 p1 col2

Above: North Street, before the demolition to make Cleder Place. The road on the right is Stapledon Lane.
From my own collection

Some residents ('Head of house' ) of East Street on the 1911 census. Most houses were not numbered, but some were named.

It begins with The Hall and comes down the street on what is now the odd-numbered houses, ie the north side

Robert Coard Tucker - The Hall

Walter Fitzpatrick - Hiram (?) Lodge

Robert Edward Tucker - Roborough

James Mortimer - Grammar School House (= Ireland House, no 83)

Robert Reynolds

John Herring Mason - Orley House

William Henry Huddy

Jane Redstone

Susan Chegwidden

Ellen Battershill

Henry Arthur Tucker

Emily Joint

George Crook - Roborough Cottage

Robert Eggbear

William Henry Golland

Florence Emily Campion - Glass House

Lavinia Gillett Wills

Samuel Oliver Lear

Elizabeth Andrews

Mary Milton

Louisa Pope

Frederick Henry Rogers

William Henry Hosking - Umbria

Elizabeth Jane Knapman - 55 East St

George Furneaux - 53 East St

Cabeb Henry Andrews - Hazelwood (= no 51)

Miss Foot ? (Mrs J P Foot is librarian in Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, Brent and Ivybridge Almanac 1906 - 'The Old Library' now no 49)

Edith Collings - The ?

Samuel Rosewarne - 47 East St

Archibald Nicholls - 3 Old Court

William John Hext - Old Court

William Ford

Albert Charles Dodge

William Henry Edgecombe

John Stacey

Charles Bickford

William Henry Mann - 39 East St

Emma Smith - Penrae

Henry Baskerville - Penrae

John Philip Mugford

Elizabeth Joint

Susan Ann Wills

Mary Pearse - Sunbeam

Joseph Batten - Eureka, no 29

Elizabeth Langworthy - Iona

Henry Ventura Foot - Biala

Susan Ann Ellis (a grocers' shop)

Alfred Ellis - no 21

Benjamin Blackwill - Lloyds Bank

George Steer

Abraham Nott

James Beavis

Minnie Rosewarne

John James Tape

George Henry Andrews

Susan Stancombe

Francis Robertson - Royal Oak

George Pomeroy




Above: J Fogden at the Bull ring, looking up East Street.
From my own collection

Here are some of the residents ('Head of house') in even numbered houses, ie the south side of East Street in 1911. As with the other side, it begins at the top (but I am not sure exactly where the first houses are/were) and comes down.

Archibald Buckanan - Eastern House

Robert Port - Eastern House

Richard Foster - Sunnyside

William Swain - Fitzford

Mary Sanders Easterbrook - Headlands

Alfred Ernest Preston - Maythorne

James Box - Boyton House

Richard Crabb Truscott - Penlee

Charles Edward Beavis - Elm View

Henry Mutton - Cousins Court

William Joy Butchers - Banks Y Brim

William Preston - Croydon House (= no 78 )

Richard Soper

George Weston Easterbrook - Sunnyview

Elizabeth Grace Endacott

Thomas Pascoe

Ernest William Willis

Henry Binmore

Alfred Merchant Harvey - Tugela (= no. 68)

Mary Berry

Elizabeth Honeywill

James Clymo - Golden Lion Hotel


William Gilbert Knapman - Golden Lion Tap


John Robert Hern - Red Lion


Mary Cubing - Hannafords Court


Emma Foot - Hannafords Court


John Hicks - Hannafords Court


George Henry Foot - Hannafords Court


Mark Nicks


Thomas Baker


Cornelius George Darrington Carew - Greylands (= no 48)

Charles G W Yolland

Ernest Robert Moss

Robert Mitchell - Hill View

Mary P Cock

Frank Edgecombe

Caroline Langler - Moirville (?)

John Francis Luscombe

Robert Henry Egbeare - Hillsides

William Henry Cook Mugridge

Henry Gard Mugridge

Frank Edward Harker - Congregational Manse

John Skinner

Mary Harriett Cowls - Named as mother of son killed in WW1, living after war at No 22

George Pitts - Froma


John Hayman - Pitts Court


Charlotte Lang - Pitts Court


Tom Willcocks - Froma Cottage


Joseph Henry Blampey


Charles Henry Baker - High Cross


Charles Napier Dent - Caxton House (= no 12 )


Robert Francis Squire


William Barber Palk  (is shown as West Street, but I believe it and the following property are in the section of East Street between St Lawrence Lane and the Bull Ring).


William John Eales  (the address 4 East Street is crossed out and West Street inserted).


The next property is the Capital and Counties Bank (now 2 East Street).

Right: 'West Street' The postcard above is entitled West Street, but nowadays we would say that it was the bottom of East Street, with West Street in the background.

From my own collection


Some residents ('Head of house') of Church Lane in the 1911 census. They begin at the junction of St Lawrence Lane, and go down what is now Blogishay Lane.

John Chiswell - St Lawrence Lane (Church Lane)

Mary Widiez - Roseland - Church Lane

George Richardson Milburn - Greenaway Lodge

Maria Andrews - Church Walk

John Hole - Church Lane

Sidney Bowden - Church Lane

George Tucker - Church Lane

James Gill - Church Lane



Some residents ('Head of house') of Kingsbridge Lane in the 1911 census. Position of the houses is uncertain - No 2 is on the right hand side, looking from West Street; Kingsbridge House is on the other side at the end. Some of Kingsbridge Lane was later demolished.


John Mugridge - 2 Kingsbridge Lane

Alfred Bawden - 4 Kingsbridge Lane

Mary Ann Smerdon - Kingsbridge Lane

W H Harvey - Kingsbridge Lane

John Amos Bickford - Kingsbridge Lane

William Thorne - Craigs Corner, Kingsbridge Lane

Mary Ann Foot - Craigs Corner, Kingsbridge Lane

Susan Luscombe - Kingsbridge House

Robert Dawe - Kingsbridge Lane

Amelia Foot - Kingsbridge Lane

William Sargeant - Kingsbridge Lane



Above: George Gidley aged 99, at Beech House.
The 1891 census shows George and his wife Amelia living in Western Road. George is a retired farmer.
By 1911 he was a widower aged 95 (see column 2). His death was registered in the Newton Abbot registration district in the March quarter of 1917, aged 101.
1891 census piece no. 1698, folio 55, p18 -
1911 census RG14, piece no. 12725, schedule number 10
Many thanks to Lerida Arnold for the above photo.
Left: Stone Park, early 20th century.
Many thanks to Lerida Arnold for the photograph


Some residents ('Head of house) of the Stone Park area in the 1911 census. This list includes some properties on Bowden Hill


George Furneaux

Samuel White

Joseph Fitze Baker - Hillcrest

John William Warren - Mayflower

Leonard John William Babb, Wesleyan Methodist Minister - Mayflower

William Mugford - Bowden Hill

Jack Kingwell - Bowden Hill

William Richard Adams - Bowden Hill

Rosina Giles Martin - 72 West Street/Bowden Hill

George Gidley - Beech House

Louisa Ferris - Staverton Cottage/House

Thomas Eggbeer - Old Totnes Road

John Palk - Old Totnes Road

Sidney G Fawcett - Stone Park House

George Denham - Stone Park Cottage

Henry Bradridge - Park View/ West End Terrace

Lavinia Ann Lambshead - 2 West End Terrace

Thomas Henry Harvey - 3 West End Terrace

John James Elliott - 4 West End Terrace

Henry Arthur Start - 5 West End Terrace

Francis Parsons Bartlett - 6 West End Terrace

Richard Chubb Border - 7 West End Terrace

Alfred Pinkham Wood - 8 West End Terrace

John Henry Tolcher - Lower Park View, West End

Frank Coleman - Gulwell Cottage

Richard Bennett Berry - Kenwyn

William John Harris - Western Road

Caroline Pomroy - Waverly Hall

Emma Louisa Ferris - West End Cottage

H Penwarne Wellings - Sinclairs

Frank Mann - Leat Park


Some residents ('Head of house') of Stone Park Terrace in the 1911 census.

Charles Willcocks

Harold Octavius Jones - Stormlands

Frederick Henry White

Eliza Ann Watson

Stephen Voaden


Some residents ('Head of house') of St Lawrence Lane in the 1911 census. It begins at Clitheroe and comes down the street on what is now the odd-numbered houses, ie the east side of the street.


Ann Haken - Clitheroe

Hamilton Thomas Hawkey - Clitheroe

Frederick George Broughton - Police station

Ellen Hammett - Police station

Richard Mogridge - Golden Fleece

James French

Frederick William Howis - Irelands Court

Thomas William Mann - St Lawrence House

Charles Richard Halse

Harry Cornish

Samuel Tompkins

John Beard - Devonia

John Thomas Burch

Sarah Ball

East Street then follows


Some residents ('Head of house') of St Lawrence Lane in the 1911 census. It begins at the Railway Hotel and comes down the street on what is now the even-numbered houses, ie the west side of the street. 


Thomas Ferris Mitchelmore - Railway Hotel

John Stanbury

Frank Loweridge

William Lear

John Hocking Pomroy

Charles Allen (signs John Charles Allen)

John Farleigh Eales

William Pengilley

William Henry Woolacott

William Collins

George French

James Shinner

Richard Smerdon - No 10

George Perkins

Blanche Batten - Battenberg

William Henry Edgecombe (sub-postmaster)

Charles Clouder - Constitutional club

Harold Foxford - Stafford House (now St Lawrence Lane, but West Street in 1911 census - other properties then between St Lawrence Lane and the Bullring now East Street, but I believe were West Street in the 1911 census).


Left: St Lawrence Lane
From my own collection

Above: Members of the Rodgman family gardening at Roborough Terrace, 1920s.
For more on the Rodgman family see under Individual families 2.
Many thanks to Nancy Frey for the above photograph



Extracts from the deeds of No. 15 Woodland Road

See extracts of earlier dates in the 1800s section

20th February 1921. Alfred Merchant Harvey died at Ashburton.

11th August 1921 Will of Alfred Merchant Harvey proved in the Exeter District Registry by Lydia Harvey the sole executrix.

16th July 1921. By her will of this date the said Lydia Harvey appointed her son William Toogood Harvey of Newton Abbot , draper, and her son-in-law William Howes Linnell of Oxford, solicitor, to be the executors...of her will.

 12th March 1925. The trustees of the will of Mrs Lydia Harvey deceased. To Mr Francis Barnett, conveyance of freehold hereditaments situate in Woodland Road, Ashburton.

Indenture made between William Toogood Harvey of Newton Abbot in the County of Devon, draper, and William Howes Linnell of the City of Oxford, solicitor (the vendors) .....and Francis Barnett of West St, Ewell Surrey, late of the police force (the purchaser). Ldia Harvey, formerly of Ashburton, Devon and late of Newton Abbot, died on 25th December her will dated 16th July 1921 and proved in the Exeter District Probate Registry on 27th February 1925.....the vendors...have agreed to sell the said hereditaments to the purchaser at the price of £200....all that messuage or dwelling house and premises with the garden , outhouses and appurtenances thereto belonging situate in Woodland Road (formerly Heavyhead Lane)...and now in the occupation of Mr Margie, together with the bungalow cottage at the rear thereof with the outhouses and appurtenances thereto belonging in the occupation of Mr F Cook....all those two messuages or dwelling houses with the garden, orchard, large workshop adn premises in the rear thereof situate in Heavyhead Lane...formerly in the occupation of Albert Butland and John V(?) Campion.

Conveyance made 7th June 1937 between Francis Barnett of 15 Woodland Road, late of the police force (vendor) and Norman Reginald Whiddon of 8 Whistley Hill, boot repairer (purchaser) consideration of £300...all that messuage or dwellinghouse.....together with the bungalow cottage at the rear thereof with the outhouses and appurtenances thereto belonging in the occupation of William Redstone.


Above: Brooklands (foreground) and Rew Cross
From my own collection

In 1920 Mr E Sawdye had let Brookland. In April Rendell and Sawdye were about to sell a quantity of household furniture and effects on the premises.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 9 April 1920, p13 col1

In 1923 Frank Underhay Crook married Annie May Evans at Littlehempston Church. The groom was the only son of Mr and Mrs John Crook of Brookland, Ashburton.
Western Morning News 10 February 1923, p1 col2

1937 Furniture and effects were to be sold at Brooklands. Among the items was a brass dial grandfather clock by Zachariah Mountford, St Albans, dating to 1700, a large quantity of Doulton, Spode and Worcester china, silver, and oriental rugs. John A Sawdye was to be the auctioneer.
Western Morning News 14 December 1937 p2 col4

The house was advertised to let the following month. It had 4 bedrooms (one for a maid), a bathroom and WC, two reception rooms, kitchen, scullery and larder; there was 'electricity throughout'. In addition there was an excellent garden and a garage for two cars.
Western Morning News 8 January 1938 p2 col5


Details of tenants of various farms and cottages, sold as part of the Halshanger Manor Estate 27th April 1927 at The Globe Hotel, Newton Abbot.

Halshanger Barton Farm - Messrs. Mortimore Bros.

Mountsland Farm - Mr W H Cooper

West Horridge Farm - Mr C A Smerdon

Langworthy Brook Cottages, and Gardens - Mr W Courtier; Mr W French

Ditto and Ditto - Mr F Gill; Mrs Knapman

Rushlade Farm and Commons - Mr J F and Miss E S Codd

Ashburton House and Block of offices - Mrs Jenner (Estd); Messrs Harold Mitchelmore and Co.


Above: West Street, circa 1930s. The postcard has a George VI penny red stamp, and so was posted between May 1937 (when the stamps first appeared) to May 1940 (when the cost for posting postcards went up to 2d).
The telephone box by the side of the London Inn is not the completely red version that later was seen everywhere. Could it be an example of the third version of the kiosk? - Accessed 3-08-2016 - Accessed 3-08-2016
From my own collection

Rendells and Sawdye sold a number of freehold properties at the Globe Inn in spring 1931.
57, 59 and 63 North Street were sold to Mr W Pengilley for £115 each, and no. 61 went to the same purchaser for £135. They had been put on the market by the executors of the late Mrs Ann Hannaford.

St Andrew's Close, West Street, the residence of the late Deaconess Dymond, was withdrawn from sale at £700.
Western Times 2 April 1931 p7 col3

65, 67 and 67a East Street were to be auctioned by Rendells in August 1939.
Mrs Binmore owned no. 65, a private 6-roomed dwelling which she would vacate on completion.
No. 67 was an 8-roomed dwelling and dairy shop, currently occupied by Mr. R White. His tenancy was due to expire on Lady Day 1940. The property had a garden, outbuildings and a large yard with a shippen for 12 cows.
Mr J Searle occupied 67a, a 5-roomed cottage.
Western Morning News 22 July 1939, p4 col6


Mrs Soper is shown as living at Roseland in 1919
Kelly's Directory of Devon 1919, via - Accessed 20-01-2017

In March 1935 Mr Soper instructed John A Sawdye to sell various household effects at Roseland. The auction was to be held on the 22nd.
Western Times 8 March 1935 p1 col7

In 1936 'Langler, builder, Ashburton' was letting Roselands, close to the station and bus route. The house had 6 bedrooms, bath and 'indoor sanitation', electricity and gas.
Western Morning News 6 January 1936 p2 col1

Roseland was lot no 1 in a sale in 1946. Described as a 'commodious dwelling house' it had 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms and spacious buildings that had been used as a laundry.
Western Morning News 2 September 1946 p1 col5

Above: Roseland
My own photograph 2016
Some residents of Roseland:
1911 census Mary Widiez
1941 Mrs Winnifred McKinley had a summonses against her for buying excess meat. The summons was dismissed.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 31 January 1941 p5 col3

1943 When probate was granted for the estate of
1943 When probate was granted for the estate of Mrs M A Ball she was said to be of Roseland, Ashburton (formerly of Bradninch). Probate was granted to Wifred Labdon, of the same address.
Western Morning News 19 October 1943 p4 col6

1949 John Santo Stanbury died on January 4th. He was the only son of Jack and Louey, of Roseland.
Western Morning News 6 January 1949 p1 col1


In his autobiography The Wild Hills, Rupert Croft-Cooke describes visiting Richard Blake Brown's parents' home on the outskirts of Ashburton in 1936. They had had the house built themselves, and Richard had suggested that they called it Melrose, after the area of Boston where he had been born. Richard's parents were now retired, but his father had been Managing Director of the Westing-house Brake and Signal Company - at Melrose he enjoyed gardening and beekeeping. The house was new and cream-coloured; Croft-Cooke describes the 'little' garden as 'bright', and the furniture as modern.
Rupert Croft-Cooke, The Wild Hills, publ. W H Allen, 1966, p167

Mrs Brown was advertising for a general cook and house palourmaid in 1937. The positions were in a new house with an Aga cooker and modern conveniences. There were two in the family.
Western Morning News 22 January 1937, p2 col2

Harold G* Brown was living at Melrose at the time of the 1939 register. Born in 1875, his occupation was Deputy Chairman Westinghouse Brake and Signal Co., and Director of Consolidated Signal Co. and Railway Signal Co. Also in the household were Lillian K Brown, Helen H Brown and servant Masalska Juljana.
1939 register, available through

The Rev Richard Blake Brown, a chaplain with the RNVR, became engaged to Bridget Lilias Margaret Hancock of London in 1941. He was the son of Mr and Mrs H G Brown of Melrose, Ashburton.
Western Morning News 8 October 1941, p5 col5 

Mrs John Sherborne of Melrose, Ashburton, was advertising for a general cook in 1944. She was offering good wages and an comfortable home.
Western Morning News 17 August 1944, p4 col3

1960. A presentation to two retiring St John members was held on the lawn of Melrose, Ashburton, the home of Maj T W Gracey, the County Commissioner. One of those retiring was Mr W Underhill of Ashburton, formerly South Devon Area Commissioner.
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo, 12 September 1960, p5 col6

7 lots of land that was part of Hele Farm was sold in 1965. Maj T W Gracey bought one of the lots for £825
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo, 1 April 1965, p4 col2

The Register of Electors 1965-66 shows Thomas W Gracey and Frances E Gracey at Melrose.


New houses were built at Headborough in 1948 - this was later renamed Westabrook. On the 10th November D A Trustcott, Chairman of Ashburton Urban District Council Housing Committee, presented a key to Mrs Cottle, the first occupant of the estate.
Below: The key being presented to Mrs Cottle
Many thanks to Rachel Wood for the photograph and information
"St Bridget", 42 West Street, was to be auctioned in May 1949.
A double fronted property of three floors, it had two reception rooms, a breakfast room, 7 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and scullery. There was a yard, small garden and outside WC.
Western Morning News 9 May 1949, p2 col7

 Searches performed at various times in the 1900s with regards to No.50 North Street.

Right: Search documents for No. 50 North Street

21 June 1950 William Martin of 44 North St and The Rising Sun Inn, Woodland, publican

19 February 1951. James Henry German of 25 East St, carpenter and joiner. Search of No.50/52/54

23 September 1953. Phyllis Evelyn Litchfield Pemberton, Mary Wyatt, Leopold Roosevelt Weaver and Leonard Arthur Weaver Search of No.50/52/54

See the Virtual Museum 1900s for why No.56 North St. is now next door to No.50

Many thanks to Jill Harrison for the above information                         

                                                  Cooks Close
Right: The official opening of Cooks Close, circa 1953/54.
Left to right: Fred Wills the Town Crier; Reg Andrews; Major Tom Gracey; Stan Kennard; Bill Cartwright the engine driver for the local train; Richard Arscott; ?; ?; Margery Morris; ? tall man hidden; 'Pop' Jones the Surveyor for AUDC; Charlie Paul; Edwin Tucker?

Below: Richard Arscott is cutting the tape as Chairman of the Council. The vicar is the Reverend Jones, and to his left is Reg Andrews, the Bailiff. To his right is S Kennard, the Portreeve.
With many thanks to Rachel Wood for the photographs and information

Below: Motorbikes parked outside houses at Cooks Close.
With many thanks to Olly Rees