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The Virtual Museum is arranged chronologically either by the earliest date that I know of relating to the item or to the date of the object itself.


I would love to feature more Ashburton related items on these pages. You just need to contact me (see the About Me page) with details and a photograph - you still keep the object.


See the submenus for the different areas of the museum - this is what it holds at the moment:

1600s and before has tradesmen's tokens from the 1600s and a joist support

1750s area has a book inscribed by members of the Sunter family.

1770s area has a subpoena for Thomas Hamlyn to appear as a witness

1780s area has a lease from 1787

1800s area has a promissory note from the Ashburton Bank.

1840s area has a notice printed by Henry Creagh and a letter from Lord Lyndhurst.

1850s area has a footstool made from wood from the old market house, two receipts for goods supplied by W R Whiteway (William Rolstone Whiteway) to J Bowden,  and a flagon from Husson, Spirit Merchant.

1860s area has an annuity bond from 1864, two cartes de visite, and a portrait of Joseph Fitze.

1870s area has receipts from S Yolland, William Distin, T Hext  and J Down, a mug from the Congregational Chapel, a policy from the Phoenix Assurance Company, copper ore from Druid Mine, seal from the East Dartmoor Tin and Copper Mining Co., a pub token from the Rose and Crown and a clock presented to Samuel Newbury.