The virtual museum 1880s onwards

This section covers items connected with Ashburton from the 1880s to the 1960s.
The virtual museum now has 81 objects.

1880s area has a receipt for the Lighting and Watching rate, a cheque from the 'Ashburton Bank', mourning stationery, receipts from L B Varder, J Clymo, Charles Skinner and Samuel Chalk, a ticket from John Burston, and a telegram from H B Wrey.

1890s area has a horse brass associated with the Langler family, a cheque from the Devon and Cornwall Banking Company, Ashburton Branch, a prize book from the Practical School of Agriculture and a crested jug.

1900s area has an In Memoriam card, sale particulars and searches connected with No. 50 North Street, a clock produced to celebrate a Tucker golden wedding, a postcard sent to E A Hutchings of North Street and a book prize from Ashburton Grammar School.

1910s area has book prizes from Ashburton Grammar School and the Higher Education Committee, a supporter's badge for Ernest Morrison-Bell; a postcard sent to Miss Gladys Palk on her birthday and items relating to the Ashburton Motor Works.

1920s area has a poster for the Ashburton Choral Society, sale particulars for The Market Hall in 1927, the rules for sales assistants at Cubitt's store, the 'perambulator' used by the St. John's Ambulance, 3 postcards sent to Miss Heather Knight at Orley House and a page from an autograph book of a pupil at Ashburton Grammar School.

1930s area has an Oddfellows' jewel from 1933, a John Berry and sons guarantee from 1933, a 'Hygienic delivery bag' from W. M. Eales, butcher, and a coronation mug from 1937.

1940s area has a christening gown and baby clothes,  war medals, two masonic items, an Identity card from the Second World War and following years, items from G B Soper, butcher, and a Post Office Savings Book

1950s area has a painting of Richard Arscott when Portreeve, a stamp album with two penny reds, a reference from the Ashburton Co-operative Society, an advertising item from Bakery and Confectionery Products Ltd, a booklet from the Golden Lion Hotel, an Ashley Clough jug, a bundle of lighting sticks produced by Charles Hext and a doorknocker from 5, Globe Arch.

1960s area has a paperweight made out of Ashburton marble, and 'Ashburton' salt and pepper shakers from (I believe) the Devonmoor pottery.

1970s area has a list of properties for sale through Wadsworth and Co., Ashburton.