Unanswered Questions

Can you help with the following? Or do you have queries of your own about any aspect of Ashburton history?
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What happened to the cannon that was at the top of East Street? It was moved when the war memorial was built in 1920, possibly down to the recreation ground.
Did it stay there until 1939 (the beginning of WW2)?
Did it then go for scrap, to help the war effort?
For more on the cannon, see the beginning of the Conflict section, under Ashburton in Peril.

Above: This magic lantern slide is labelled 'Nr Ashburton, Devon'. Do the buildings look familiar? Do you know where it was?
From my own collection

What does the M stand for? Has it come from somewhere else, and been reused ?
My own photograph 2018
Left and below: This stone is in the exterior wall to Hazeldene, where the steps go up to the A38.