Property prices
1887 Balland Cottage sold for £195
Western Times 4 May 1887 p4 col3

1889 An 'extensive but somewhat dilapidated' property opposite Messrs Watts, Whidborne and Co.'s bank in West Street was sold to Mr. Henry Stevens for £145. Mrs Fanny Mugridge and others occupied the premises.
Western Times 10 July 1889 p2 col4

1892 Rose Cottage, together with a garden, orchard and adjoining field, sold to Mr Hosking for £2375. The price, described by the Western Times as 'extraordinary', was attained because it was believed that valuable umber deposits were on the land.
Western Times 15 December 1892 p3 col2

1905. The property of the Hon Lord Clinton sold for about £24,000. Most was unnamed, but it included the Fire Station, sold to Mr G French for £125 and Orley House sold to Mr W Pengilley for £510, Mr J P Tucker bought 6 houses at Rew Lea for £180.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 30 June 1905 p3 col4

1906 Summerhill Farm, a farmhouse and 93 acres was sold together with the borough lordship and manor of Ashburton for £550, with the Hon R Dawson was the purchaser. It was one of thirteen lots of houses, farm buildings and land which had been the property of Sir R B W Jardine.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 22 September 1906 p3 col7

1907 Mr S Winsor, the tenant of Higher Barn Farm, bought it for £1560.
Western Times 5 July 1907 p12 col1

1912 No 20 West Street, described as a dwelling house, garden, stable and coach-house, was sold to Mr Ernest Winsor  for £210. At that time it was leasehold - 1000 years from 1825.
Western Times 8 May 1912 p2 col4

1919 Tucking Mill, a water-powered mill and buildings, sold to Mr Baker for £400.
Mr Bradridge bought Dorncliffe, described as a modern building and garage in West Street, for £360.
Western Times  18 June 1919 p3 col2

1920 Dorncliffe was sold at auction to Mr H Baskerville for £440.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 6 November 1920 p1 col6

Above: Dorncliffe, West Street
My own photograph 2015

1921 Mr W Whitley of Paignton bought Welstor, an estate of over 324 acres, for £6000.
Western Times 25 June 1921 p4 col6

1924 Properties belonging to the late John Hannibal Foaden came up for sale.
1 Roborough Lane sold to Mr Frank Langler for £85
2 Roborough Lane sold to Mr H Warren, the tenant, for £100
1 and 3 Woodland Road sold to Mr F Langler for £100
5 and 7 Woodland Road sold to Mr F Langler for £100
11 St Lawrence Lane sold to Mr Hannaford, the tenant, for £280
13 St Lawrence Lane sold to Mr Baskerville for £370
19 West Street sold to Mr Fogden for £180
Rewlea Cottages (5 of them) sold to Mrs Eales for £230
Caton Farm sold to Mr J Cock for £2050
Coombe Farm sold to Mr F Thorn, the tenant for £875
Western Times 28 November 1924 p8 col2

3 Woodland Road
13A and 13B St Lawrence Lane
My own photographs 2015

1931  Nos 57, 59, 63 North Street sold for £115 each
No 61 North Street £135. Sold by the executors of Mrs Ann Hannaford, all these properties were bought by Mr W Pengilley.
At the same auction, Westabrook Farm sold to Mr Tapper for £3000.
Western Times 2 April 1931 p7 col3
In September of that year Knowle, together with a gardener's cottage and three and a half acres, sold for £1000
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 24 September 1931 p2 col4

1933 Rendell and Sawdye sold 17 East Street for £400 to Mr Martin.
At the same sale Mr C H Baker bought 14 East Street for £350 and Mr Arscott bought 1 Back Lane for £210

Western Morning News 1 September 1933 p9 col6

1935 Mrs. Chamberlain, of Ashburton, bought No. 16 West Street - a house and shop - for £420
Western Morning News 10 October 1935 p8 col3