Churches and Memorials


 The sub-menus below deal with the various churches that exist, and have existed in the past, in Ashburton. The earliest is St Andrew's Church, in existence in the late 1100s, and the latest the Catholic church of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Petroc, which dates from 1935. Some churches have pages to themselves, but this is in no way intended to indicate their relative importance - it just means that at the moment I have more information on those particular buildings and congregations.

Non-conformity found a ready home in the town, causing Celia Fiennes to comment on the number of dissenters in 1689. I suspect that by Victorian times there was a link between political affiliation and the church where people worshipped. An 18th century humourist described the Anglican church as "the Tory party at prayer" and I believe this would hold true for Ashburton - a possible project for the future.(

Together with information about the churches, these pages indicate where memorials to Ashburton inhabitants can be found. Births, marriages and deaths, together with baptisms and burials, can be found under People and Properties.