Some deaths and burials

1774 A child of Bartholomew Carlile, a child of James Thean and a child of Wm Halse, buried these three May 24th

Above: St. Andrew's Churchyard
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This is not an exhaustive list for any particular time period - just some records that I have come across during my research travels.


1789 Charles Dyson Esq. (November?)
The Town and Country magazine or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment 1789 pp239,258

1802 (November?) Died at Ashburton in his 60th year, Mr W Abbot, 45 years carrier common carrier to Exeter and Modbury.

Monthly magazine and British register, vol 14, issue 2, p370

1807 At Ashburton, Devon, aged 99, Mr Hurst, woolstapler

The Gentleman's Magazine, vol 77, part 2, London 1807, p1233

1808 March. Henry John Kitson, aged 5 years, died. He was the eldest son of the Rev John Lane Kitson, vicar of Ashburton.

Exeter Flying Post 17 March 1808, p4 col1

1809 January. Edward Fitze, son of George Fitze, died aged 25.

Exeter Flying Post 19 January 1809 p4 col3

1809 July. Philip Wooton jun., aged 23, died at Teignmouth. He was the son of Mr P Wooton of Ashburton, builder.

Exeter Flying Post 27 July 1809 p4 col2

1816 The Rev John Huxham, aged 41, was 'found dead in his bed, supposed to have been caused by an apoplectic fit.'

The Gentleman's Magazine 1816, Vol86, part1 p185

1820, May. John Widger, son of Thomas Widger, Seyford House near Ashburton. Aged 21

Exeter Flying Post 25 May 1820 p4 col2

1821, February 15th. Martha, youngest daughter of the late Richard Eales

Exeter Flying Post 22 February 1821 p4 col2

1821, Monday 4th June. In London. Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Gervis, surgeon. Aged 61

Exeter Flying Post 14 June 1821 p4 col2

1823, October 12th. Mrs. Froude, widow of the late Rev. Froude.
Exeter Flying Post 16 October 1821 p4 col2

1825 John Caunter, a serge-maker and merchant. He died on a Thursday - as the paper was published on a Thursday, this presumably was the Thursday before, July 27th.
Exeter Flying Post 4 August 1825 p4 col1

1827, June 29th. Lieut. Col. C.T. Higgins, of the Hon E.I. Company's service, Bengal, died at Ashburton.
The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British India and its Dependencies Vol XXIV, July-Dec p270

1827, December 13th. Ann Cousins, aged 65. The wife of Thos. Cousins, previously at the Golden Lion Inn.
Exeter Flying Post 27 December 1827 p4 col1

1828, April 26th. John Stenteford, aged 45. Sadler (sic) and publican.

Exeter Flying Post 1 May 1828 p2 col4

1830, October/November. Thomas Brown, aged 78

Exeter Flying Post 4 November 1830 p2 col2

1832, January. National Archives reference PROB 31/1299/162. Probate for the estate of Charles Wakely of Ashburton, Devon, an excise officer who died in Norwich, Norfolk. - Accessed 01-03-2015

1835, March 15th . William Stentiford, aged 29. Stationer.
Exeter Flying Post 26 March 1835 p3 col1

1835, June 7th. Mrs Jenny Mudge, aged 85
Exeter Flying Post 18 June 1835 p2 col5

1836, January 4th. Mr T Soper, aged 78
Exeter Flying Post 21 January 1836 p2 col5

1836, May 5th. Lucy, the wife of the Rev. William Marsh.
Exeter Flying Post 12 May 1836 p2 col5

1853, May 8th. John Rapsey aged 37 died at Port Spain, Trinidad. He was the eldest son of T. Rapsey, a tailor from Ashburton.

Exeter Flying Post 9 June 1853

1858 William Melbourne Luscombe died on 29th August. He was the first and only son of William Benjamin Luscombe, late of Ashburton, Devon.
The Age (Melbourne, Victoria) 4 September 1858 p4 col4

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1859 January 6th. At Orley House, Ashburton, Mrs Wigley, wife of Capt. Wigley R N, and daughter of Thos. Rennell, late of London and formerly of Pear-tree, Ashburton.

The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, Sylvanus Urban, 1859, January- June, London, 1859, p221

1860 September 20th. At Ashburton, aged 58, Susanna Dolbeare, only daughter of the late B Parham Esq., solicitor.
The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, Sylvanus Urban, 1860, July-December, London, 1860, p562

1863 Captain James Bowden, on The Pluto, died on or about 28th June, between Sydney and Brisbane. He was the third son of Mr. J. Bowden of Ashburton, Devon, and was aged 43. John William, second son of Captain Bowden, also died, aged 13.

Empire (Sydney, NSW) 26 August 1863 p1 col1
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1874 Mrs. Honeywell of Ashburton and her baby both died instantaneously when they were accidentally shot by her brother, aged 12.*

The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria) 3 September 1874 p7 col3
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* The only Honeywell death in the September quarter of 1874 in the Newton Abbot Registration district is that of Sarah Jane, aged 0, but a Sarah Honeywill died in the same quarter (again, the only death), aged 27.

1881 Richard Henry Luscombe, aged 17, died on February 3rd. He was the only son of the late W. B. Luscombe, formerly of Ashburton, Devon.
The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria) 4 February 1881 p1 col1

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1904 William Burd Evans, of Brighton Beach, died on March 30th, aged 87. He was the second son of the late Lavington Evans, of Ashburton, Devon.
The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria) 31 March 1904 p1 col1
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1917 Edward Palk, eldest son of Richard Palk, died aged 63 at New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand. The family had formerly been of Alston Farm, Ashburton.

Western Times 5 January 1917, p4 col6

1922 William Abraham, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham of Ashburton, Devon, died at Iron Bark (?) Bendigo. He was the brother of Mrs. S. Mann.
The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) 6 May 1922 p1 col1
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1924 John Hosking, of Villiers-Street, Grafton, died aged 78. He had followed his late uncle, James Hosking,  to Australia in 1858, and had become involved in mining. He married Elizabeth Jane Hammatt, and had sons J.H., W.H., A.F., R.S.G. and H.H. Hosking, and daughters C.M.Kea (?) (McKea?), W.E. Ellen, A.C. Bultitiude, D.Thompson, H. McD..?all and ? Lauritzen.

The Brisbane Courier 22 February 1924 p4 col9 

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1937 Mrs. Bessie Hay died in Hobart in April 1937. Born in Ashburton, her first husband was Mr. S. Mann, who had worked for the Tasmanian Government Railways. Her second husband was Mr. J. B. Hay, whom she had married circa 1923.
The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) 28 April 1937 p8 col8

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1941 Mr. William Brewer Bonamy Hannaford of Maryborough died aged 82 in early April 1941. Born in Ashburton he went out to Queensland on the Scottish Wizard 59 (?) years beforehand.
Maryborough Chronicle, Wide Bay and Burnett Advertiser (Queensland) 7 April 1941 p5 col4

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January 1654. 'John Browne buried the 20th day, who was taken up againe the 24th and then buried in the high way neere goosapoole.

Parish register

The following is a list of burials in St Andrew's Churchyard, transcribed by Mr. and Mrs. Hatch. The transcription is a selection (it looks like it is those that the Hatches found particularly interesting), is handwritten and difficult to read in places; it is taken from a register that was itself handwritten. Errors are inevitable, and so the list should be used with caution – I would welcome input from anyone who has had access to the original..

Nov 1770
James Coombe. He was drowned in a tar pit into which he fell accidentally.
July 1779 Jean Esgurey (?) a French prisoner on parole. I would say this is Esqurey - see below.
Feb 1780 A daughter of a sergeant of Col. Stewart's regiment, name unknown
Aug 1780 Josef Augustin Gonsales a Spanish prisoner on parole
Sept 1780 Walter Elliot a stranger supposed to be a deserted soldier
Oct 1780 Mary Thompson a soldier's child belonging to to the 49th Regiment
Nov 1780 Samuel Rose a soldier of the 49th Regiment
William Cross a stranger killed by the kick of a horse at ye Golden Lion
Oct 1781 Richard Wilson of the y:L Dragoons
Thomas Robinson son of a Dragoon
June 1782 Gerard Witmont a Dutch prisoner
Jan 1783 Mary Cornelias a soldier's child
Ap The Hon John Dunning son of the Rt Hon Lord Ashburton
John Tozer sergemaker
Aug 1783 John Lord Ashburton and Alexander Tursman (? Fursman)
Ap 1784 Edward a base child of Mary Woodley from the workhouse
Oct 1784 A stranger from the workhouse, name unknown
Sept 1785 James Williams from the workhouse
George Hill from the parish
Ursula Waitman (?) from clock (?)
Feb 1786 John Ireland
Ap 1788 Thomas Smerdon minister of Woodland and master of the Grammar School of the town, both which stations he filled with credit for about 50 years
Feb 1791 A travelling woman, a stranger from the workhouse
May 1793 A soldier of the Gloucester militia
June Thomazine wife of Peter Woodley from the workhouse
July Mary wife of John Skinner, married 16th, had a child 17th, died 18th
March 1795 A French prisoner on parole
Oct A daughter of Richard Hatch (?) a stranger
Nov 1799 a child of a Lancashire militiaman
June 1808 .....?.....of N. Devon militia
July 1811 Preston (?) (Christopher?) Governor of the workhouse

Many thanks to Jeremy Hatch for providing this document

From the parish register:

1739 John Abroill (? A--vill ?) buried October 2nd

1739 Mary the daughter of Andrew Bennett buried October 12th

1739 A child of Thomas Mudge buried October 28th

1739 Agnes wife of Richard Bowdon buried October 31st

1739 A child of John Jerman buried December 26th

1739/40* John Langworthy buried January 21st

1739/40 John Sowter the son of Mr Nicholas Tripe buried February 2nd

1739/40 Bartholomew Matthews son buried February 3rd

1739/40 Gabriel Latch buried February 3rd

1739/40 John Bynmore buried February 4th

1739/40 Joan Campin buried February 3rd

1739/40 Hugh Winter buried February 17th

1739/40 John Salter buried February 18th

1739/40 Joan the wife of Nicholas Bowden was buried March 9th

1739/40 A child of Ewins was buried March 9th

1739/40 Mary the wife of Arthur Bukley was buried March 12th

1739/40 Elizabeth Hamlyn was buried March 17th

1739/40 Joan Carlile, widow, was buried March 24th

1740 Peter Cockey was buried March 31st

1740 Margaret Jewel was buried April 1st

1740 Bartholomew Butland was buried April 1st

1740 Elizabeth Richards was buried April 1st

1740 Mary Bowden, widow, was buried April 6th

1740 Mary the wife of Charles Tozer was buried April 12th

1740 Thomazin Luckham was buried April 27th

1740 A child of William Taylor was buried April 28th

1740 George Leyline was buried April 28th

1740 William the son of Moses Bowden was buried May 7th

1740 A son of Solomon Mugridge was buried May 9th

1740 Gilbert Dyer was buried May 15th

1740 Mr Cutlip was buried May 29th

1740 A child of Peter Creanch (?) was buried May 29th

1740 Widow Carpenter of Ilsington was buried May 29th

1740 Grace the wife of Thomas Foott was buried May 28th

1740 The wife of Samuel Ofton (Often) was buried May 29th

1740 John the son of John Doble was buried June 18th

1740 Grace May, widow, was buried June 25th

*Until 1752 the legal year began on Lady Day, March 25th. Therefore here January, February and most of March would still be considered 1739, although we would think of them as 1740.

1760 William the son of John Bowden buried July 8th

1760 Rebecca the wife of John Bastard buried July 27th

1760 Henry Colwell buried August 29th

1760 John Ireland buried September 8th

1760 John Luscombe buried September 19th

1760 Hannah Carlisle buried October 10th

1760 Mary Cruse buried October 14th

1760 Joanna the daughter of Philip Scagel buried October 27th

1760 Grace the daughter of Joseph Cook buried October 28th

1760 William Berry buried November 21st

1760 Thomas Taylor Senr. buried November 27th

1760 Mary the daughter of Hannah Searle buried December 14th

1760 John Butchers Junr. buried December 25th

1761 Robert Preston buried January 4th

1762 Thomas Avery buried April 25th

1762 Martha Farmruth buried April 29th

1762 Elias Preston buried May 1st

1762 Philip Berry buried May 4th

1762 Richd. Southcomb buried May 8th

1762 Mary Ellis buried May 9th

1762 John Ferris buried May 9th

1762 Robert Cornish buried May 13th

1762 Thomasin Ireland buried May 14th

1762 William Tapper Snr. buried May 14th

1762 Dinah Perry buried May 17th

1762 Benjamin Lear buried May 18th

1762 Joan Mitchel buried May 20th

1762 Richd. Angel buried May 21st

1762 Elizabeth Widdecombe buried May 22nd

1762 Susanna Tiddy buried May 23rd

1762 John Tozer buried May 23rd

1762 Abigail Maunder buried May 25th

1762 Susanna Jerman buried May 29th

1762 John Weeks buried May 30th

1763 Elizabeth Searle was buried September 15th

1763 Mary Tapper was buried October 20th

1763 Joan Eales buried October 20th

1763 Dorothy Oliver buried October 20th

1763 Jael Denley buried November 3rd

1763 Joseph Collins buried November 14th

1763 Eleanor Soper buried November 16th

1763 Elizabeth Tapril buried November 17th

1763 Gregory Foal buried December 11th

1763 Francis Hufford buried December 17th

1763 Elizabeth Lear buried December 20th

1763 Francis Abraham buried December 27th

1763 Elizabeth Foot buried December 29th

1763 William Berry buried December 30th

1764 Hannibal, son of Hannibal Jewel (buried) January 3rd

1769 Ann Lock buried July 2nd

1769 William Cook buried July 3rd

1769 Sarah the daughter of Thos. Baker buried August 20th

1769 Edward the son of John Edmunds buried September 5th

1769 Solomon the son of George Trust buried September 17th

1769 Mary Tapper buried October 2nd

1769 Mr John Sunter buried October 14th

1769 Grace Earle buried October 15th

1769 Sarah Hill buried October 22nd

1769 Mary Hooper buried October 26th

1769 Mary Fursman buried November 12th

1769 Mary the daughter of George Langaman buried November 6th

1769 Elford Spark the son of Mr Willm. Cooksley buried November 30th

1774 Jefory Christophers buried March 6th

1774 A child of Thomas Bidlake buried March 21st

1774 A child of Andrew Hodge buried March 22nd

1774 Nathaniel Elles and Mary Main buried March 24th

1774 A girl of John Hervey the elder buried April 17th

1774 Mr Andrew Bennett buried April 27th

1774 A woman from the workhouse, a stranger, buried April 21st (? If so, out of order)

1774 Mary the daughter of Robert Tuckerman buried April 29th

1774 Thomas Ingram buried May 2nd

1774 Ann the daughter of John Bowden buried May 3rd

1774 William son of John Christophers buried May 6th

1774 John son of Marks Northcott buried May 9th

1774 A child of Thomas Mann buried May 12th

1774 A child of Thomas Hatherley and a child of James Thean buried May 27th

1774 The old Mrs Eales buried May 29th

1774 A child of Richd Joynt buried May 30th

1774 Samuel Dad and a child of JohnWillcoks buried June 4th

1774 A child of Thomas Wotton buried June 8th

1774 Ann the wife of Thomas Eales buried May 14th

1774 Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Bayley buried May 16th

1774 Son of James Thean buried May 16th

1774 Richard son of Jane Barns buried May 18th

1774 The son of Mary Aiers buried May 20th

1774 A child of Hals Scagell and a child of Thomas Cane buried May 22nd

1774 A child of Bartholomew Carlile, a child of James Thean and a child of Wm Halse, buried these three May 24th

1774 A child of Jabes Ireland buried May 25th

1774 A child of Thomas Hatherley and a child of James Thean buried May 27th

1774 The old Mrs Eales buried May 29th

1774 A child of Richd Joynt buried May 30th

1774 Samuel Dad and a child of John Willcoks buried June 4th

1774 A child of Thomas Wotton buried June 6th

1774 John Denly the elder buried June 7th

1774 William the son of Edward Pearce was buried June 10th

1774 Joan Strong was buried June 18th

1774 Mrs. Shepard of Cornwall was buried June 20th

1774 Hugh Smerdon, schoolmaster upwards of 40 years was buried June 22nd

1774 James the son of Joseph Gormully was buried June 29th

1774 Thomas Mudge the elder was buried July 8th

1774 John the son of John Mudge was buried July 10th

1774 Winefred Pomery was buried July 18th

1774 Margaret the daughter of Andrew Hodge was buried July 26th

1774 Elizabeth Bowden, widow, was buried August 4th

1774 Mr. Benjamin Sunter was buried August 7th

1774 Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Luttrell was buried August 9th

1774 Mary the wife of Thomas Maunder was buried August 14th

1774 Peter Ley, apothecary, was buried August 15th

1774 Thomas Smerdon the elder was buried August 17th

1774 Mary the daughter of Wm. Pethebridge was buried August 29th

1774 Thomas Foot the elder was buried September 1st

1774 The son of John Christophers was buried September 12th

1774 Susanna the wife of Thomas Bickham was buried September 18th

1774 Thamzin Eales, widow, was buried October 2nd

1774 Elizabeth Binmor was buried October 30th

1775 William Whiddon the elder buried May 26th

1775 John Hamlyn the elder buried May 27th

1775 Thomas Hatherley the elder buried June 18th

1775 Robert Cleave of Widdecombe buried June 20th

1775 Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Morry buried June 23rd

1775 John, son of Wm. Morry buried June 24th

1775 John, son of Mr Joseph Sunter buried July 4th

1775 Mrs Fabyan the elder buried July 8th

1775 A child of John Adams buried July 21st

1775 John, son of Moses Hill, was drowned in a kettle of water in ye house buried July 23rd

1775 Grace, the daughter of John White buried July 30th

1775 John, the son of John Joynt buried July 31st

1775 Jeffery, the son of Jeffery Michelmore buried August 8th

1775 William, the son of the widow Smerdon buried August 15th

1775 Agnes Withecombe buried August 21st

1775 A child of James Spark buried August 22nd

1775 Susana Bene (?) of Cockenton buried August 30th

1775 Thomas, son of Thomas Lear (had a funeral sermon preach'd being the first in ye new pulpit by Mr Savery (?)) buried September 7th

1775 John, the son of John Hervey buried September 8th

1775 The son of John White was buried November 12th

1775 Mr. Jonathan Withdecombe buried 29th November

1775 Elizabeth Berry the elder buried 5th December

1775 William Rendle buried 14th December

1775 William Hearle of Goodstone buries 17th December

1775 John Hearle of Caten buried 24th December

1775 The wife of Mr. Joseph Sunter buried 28th December

1775 Honer Main buried 31st December

1776 George Berry buried 21st January

1776 Sarah daughter of Thomas Metheral buried 6th March

1776 James Tapper the elder buried 17th March

1776 Robert son of Wm Mann buried 19th March

1776 A child of Bartholomew Sainthill buried 27th March

1776 A child of John Christophers buried 29th March

1776 Agnes the wife of John Baker and John Jerman the elder buried 4th April

1776 Joan Newcombe buried 6th April

1776 Daniel son of Daniel Doble and the Widow French of Withecombe buried 16th April

1776 John son of Robert Prowse buried 17th April

1776 Nicholas Searle the elder buried 27th April

1776 The wife John Doble junior buried 28th April

1779 Elizabeth the wife of Richard Parmer buried 6th May

1779 John the son of William Ireland, an infant, buried 8th May

1779 James the son of Nicholas Woodley buried 12th May

1779 Susanna the daughter of Thomas Jerman buried 20th May

1779 William Widdicombe the elder buried 25th May

1779 Mary the daughter of John Clark buried 27th May

1779 Elizabeth the daughter of John Taylor buried 4th June

1779 Mary Couch, widow, buried 24th June

1779 Ann, wife of John Hurst the elder buried 29th June

1779 Sarah the wife of James Elliott buried 3rd July

1779 Jean Esqurey, a French prisoner on parole, buried 4th July

1779 James the son of John Willcocks buried 5th July

1779 Solomon Weeks buried 21st July

1779 Petronell the daughter of Thomas Layman buried 27th July

1779 William Smith buried 17th August

1779 John Pearse, a stranger, buried 17th August

1779 Susanna daughter of William Bawden buried 24th August

1779 John Hooper the elder buried 25th August

1779 Sarah the daughter of Philip Wotten buried 1st September

1779 Mary Woollacot buried 2nd September

1779 Thamazin Berry the elder buried 9th September

1783 Joan Lavis the elder buried 7th February

1783 Elizabeth Emett, widow, buried 19th February

1783 William Petherbridge the elder buried 20th February

1783 Sarah Joynt the elder buried 28th February

1783 William Foot the elder buried 4th March

1783 George Langworthy buried 9th March

1783 Jane Tuckerman buried 9th March

1783 Mary Cuming buried 10th March

1783 Martha French buried 16th March

1783 Mary Weeks buried 23rd March

1783 Susanna Jerman buried 28th March

1783 Susanna Mitchel the elder buried 30th March

1783 Nicholas Tripe the younger, surgeon, buried 2nd April

1783 Joan Foal buried 2nd April

1783 John Bowden, sexton of this parish, buried 3rd April

1783 Jabez (?) Irreland, butcher, buried 6th April

1783 Elizabeth Hamlyn buried 8th April

1783 Grace Whiteaway buried 18th April

1783 Elizabeth wife of John Bent, builder, buried 20th April

1783 The Honourable John Dunning, son of the Right Honourable Lord Ashburton buried 21st April

1783 Mary Weeks the elder buried 21st April

1783 John Quint buried 25th April

1783 John Tozer, sergemaker, buried 27th April

1804 Joan Adams was buried 14th February

1804 Grace Butler, widow, buried 24th February

1804 James Bridgman buried 16th March

1804 John Bowden the elder buried 2nd May

1804 Sarah Black, daughter of Robert, buried 7th May

1804 Susanna Boon, wife of John, buried 10th June

1804 Mary Bidlake, daughter of Mary, buried 27th July

1804 Richard Angel buried 30th August

1804 Jane Bunclark, daughter of John, buried 15th September

1804 William Bartlett, son of William, buried 16th October

1804 Richard Berry the elder buried 18th November

1804 Thomas Bastow the elder buried 2nd December

1804 Philippa Adams buried 19th December

1805 Mrs. Elizabeth Cockey, the mother of the Rev. William Cockey, buried 14th January

1805 Elizabeth Clark buried 29th January

1805 Jane Caunter, the wife of Richard, buried 18th March

1805 Susanna Cune, widow, buried 25th March

1805 Elizabeth Cuttiver, widow, buried 18th April

1805 (? This entry is out of order) John Down the son of John, buried 4th March

1805 (? This entry is out of order) Sarah Denly the wife of William, buried 21st October

1810 - although taken from one page headed 1810, the following entries might cover 3 years

1810 John Meers, son of Henry, was buried January 26th (possibly 20th)

1810 Mary Maunder, wife of Thomas, was buried March 15th

1810 Mary Mann, widow, was buried March 20th

1810 Jane Mugford, daughter of William, was buried March 23rd

1810 Mary Murch, daughter of John, was buried May 20th

1810 Susanna May, widow, was buried November 9th (?)

Initials that might signify new year

1810 Walter Pearse from the workhouse was buried January 4th

1810 John Potter, son of John, was buried March 7th (?)

1810 Elizabeth Palk, daughter of Joseph, was buried _____ (March?) 8th

1810 Eliza Penwill, daughter of Jane, was buried May 8th

1810 John Potter was buried May 20th

1810 Ann Perry, wife of Mr. John, was buried December 17th
Initials that might signify new year

1810 Elizabeth Rowell, daughter of John, was buried February 26th
Initials that might signify new year

1810 Elizabeth Sunter, wife of Mr. Joseph, was buried January 22nd

1810 Mrs. Margery Sparke, widow, was buried May 2nd

1810 Mary Skinner, wife of James, was buried May 5th

1810 Sarah Stephens, daughter of Thomas Truin (?) was buried June 13th

1810 Elizabeth Smerdon, wife of Mr. John, was buried August 16th

1810 John Sampson, son of William, was buried September 11th

1810 A stranger from the workhouse was buried October 8th

1810 Mary Smerdon, daughter of Mr. John, was buried October 13th

1810 Hannah Strudon, daughter of Charles, was buried October 16th

1810 William Symons was buried December 24th (?)

1813 Sally Adams, aged 72, was buried February 8th

1813 Nicholas Anstis, aged 80, was buried November 28th

1813 John Bowden of Owlacombe, aged 62, was buried January 3rd

1813 John Bowden Bond, aged 8 months, was buried January 20th

1813 Mary Baston, aged 53, was buried February 2nd

1813 Elizabeth Baker, aged 1, was buried March 19th

1813 Elizabeth Brunt, aged 11 months, was buried May 2nd

1813 Mary Bittle, aged 8, was buried November 9th

1816 Elizabeth Angel, widow aged 71, was buried January 5th

1816 Patience Burrows aged 82 was buried February 4th

1816 John Bowden of Staverton aged 88 was buried April 14th

1816 Ann Bickham, wife of Richard, aged 79 was buried December 18th [might be 10th]

1816 The Rev. Wm Aldridge Cockey, curate for 23 years, aged 54, was buried January 22nd

1816 Joan Dolbear, widow aged 79, was buried June 27th

1816 Hariot French, daughter of Robert, aged 2 was buried February 11th

1816 Mrs Susanna Fabyan, widow aged 86 was buried February 23rd

1823 Thomas Irish aged 71 was buried March 2nd

1823 George Irish aged 1 was buried March 5th

1823 Richard Hannaford aged 17 was buried March 24th

1823 Mary Monday aged 72 was buried April 14th

1823 Joseph Sunter aged 79 was buried April 14th

1823 Sarah Murry aged 4 was buried April 29th

1823 Mary French aged 77 was buried May 8th

1823 Elizabeth Perry aged 75 was buried May 15th

1824 John Luscombe aged 8 months was buried August 15th

1824 Mary Scagell aged 7 was buried August 19th

1824 John Berry aged 64 was buried August 20th

1824 Sarah Lamason Wills aged 4 was buried August 22nd

1824 Ebbet Boynes aged 40 was buried August 23rd

1824 Philip Henry Halse Scagell (Schagell with 'h' crossed out) aged 4 was buried August 27th

1824 William Perryman aged 8 months was buried August 27th

1824 Ann King aged 2 was buried September 2nd

1832 Mary Berry aged 67, was buried on August 18th

1832 John Bowden aged 73, was buried on August 19th

1832 William Soper aged 53 was buried on August 20th

1832 William Bere (?) aged 63 was buried on August 22nd

1832 Joanne Fry aged 57 was buried on August 24th

1832 Samuel Rowe aged 8 was buried on August 24th

1832 John Caunter aged 11 was buried on August 25th

1832 Jane Layaman aged 69 was buried on August 25th

1833 William Henry Nankivell (?) aged 3 months was buried on November 8th

1833 Sarah Mugridge (?) aged 57 was buried November 15th

1833 Samuel Strawbridge aged 1 was buried November 26th

1833 Elizabeth Mugridge aged 66 was buried November 29th

1833 John Down aged 65 was buried November 29th

1833 Ann Bryant aged 57 was buried November 29th

1833 John Murch aged 69 was buried December 6th

1833 Martha Hicks aged 22 was buried December 8th

1839 Jane Passmore aged 33 was buried on February 1st

1839 Rebecca Berry aged 78 was buried on February 19th

1839 William Hairg (?) Sargeant aged 1 was buried February 28th

1839 George Knowling aged 46 was buried March 8th

1839 Charlotte Nichols aged 1 was buried March 25th

1839 Thomas Sewell Hext aged 5 months was buried March 28th

1839 William Skinner aged 76 was buried April 1st

1839 Sarah Muir (?) aged 67 was buried April 1st

1842 William Cornish aged 3 weeks was buried on January 29th

1842 Richard Berry aged 78 was buried on February 2nd

1842 Martha Bowden aged 84 was buried on February 19th

1842 James Badcock, infant, was buried on February 24th

1842 Henry Gervis aged 82 was buried on March 2nd

1842 Mary Pope aged 8 was buried on March 4th

1842 Alfred Taperell aged 9 weeks was buried on March 7th

1842 Admonition Codd aged 60 was buried on March 10th

1842 Samuel Wills aged 2 was buried on March 10th

1842 Stephen Upton Yolland aged 62 was buried on March 11th

1842 William Coneybeare aged 2 was buried on March 15th

1842 Mary Ann Bickham aged 2 was buried on March 15th

1842 Richard Tapper, an infant, was buried on March 18th

1842 James Symons aged 72 was buried on March 25th

1842 Richard Trish (?) aged 76 was buried on March 28th

1842 Mary Syms (?) aged 6 was buried on March 29th

1849 Sarah Chapple aged 32 was buried on November 28th

1849 Jane Elliott aged 26 was buried on November 30th

1849 Elizabeth Dodd aged 52 was buried on December 8th

1849 John Mann aged 53 was buried on December 10th

1849 Thomas Mann aged 45 was buried on December 14th

1849 Philippa White aged 67 was buried December 26th

1849 Richard Bennett Berry aged 22 was buried December 26th

1850 Sibilla Hext of Staverton aged 73 was buried January 4th

1853 Richard Cornish aged 1 was buried March 14th

1853 Jasper Addems Amery aged 30 was buried March 16th

1853 Mary Langworthy aged 83 (?) was buried March 17th

1853 Mary Kezia Cullen aged 1 month was buried March 21st

1853 Benjamin Jewell aged 89 was buried March 23rd

1853 Thomas Weeks of Newton Abbot aged 58 was buried March 28th

1853 Thomas Richards aged 51 was buried April 13th

1853 Mary Wills aged 64 was buried April 16th

1867 Elizabeth Bovey aged 73 was buried April 10th

1867 Frederick Foot aged 15 was buried April 12th

1867 Elizabeth Husson aged 54 was buried April 16th

1867 George Sandercock aged 10 days was buried April 19th

1867 William Cobe aged 77 was buried May 8th [Difficult to read. FreeBMD has this entry as Cove]

1867 Stephen Yolland aged 48 was buried May 28th

1867 Mary Palk aged 45 was buried May 30th

1867 Ann Mann aged 70 was buried May 31st

1872 John Perryman aged 83 was buried October 22nd

1872 Charles Bate aged 83 was buried October 25th

1872 Herbert Francois Hern aged 5 weeks was buried November 6th

1872 Susan Palk aged 79 was buried December 5th

1872 Mary Eales aged 78 was buried December 6th

1872 Susan Berry aged 70 was buried December 12th

1872 Celia Farleigh Harris aged 29 was buried December 14th

1872 Ellen Maude Harris aged 11 weeks was buried December 14th

1878 Elizabeth Hill aged 41 was buried January 5th

1878 Lucy Mann of Holne, aged 34 was buried January 7th

1878 John Sparke Amery aged 65 was buried January 14th

1878 Charles John Luscombe Badcock aged 48 was buried January 16th

1878 John Hannaford Conneybear aged 57 was buried January 18th

1878 Henry Couch Creagh aged 87 was buried January 28th

1878 Joseph Shillabear aged 84 was buried February 14th

1878 Alice Wills aged 14 was buried February 15th

1882 John Kingwell of West Street aged 58 was buried February 6th

1882 Eliza Charleton aged 67 was buried February 6th

1882 Frances Amery of Druid aged 76 was buried February 22nd

1882 Miriam Langworthy aged 79 was buried February 20th

1882 Mary Kevil of North Street aged 66 was buried March 29th

1882 Elizabeth Foot of East Street aged 89 was buried March 30th

1882 Charles Frederick Campion aged 6 months was buried March 30th

1882 William East aged 1 was buried April 1st
All the above are from the parish register

Mrs John Luscombe was buried in August 1890, but the funeral was not without incident. At the graveside a side plank gave way, 'precipitating two of the bearers and the sexton into the grave'. The bearers were able to get out relatively easily, but the sexton needed considerable assistance. One of the chief mourners began to scream, 'too distinctly audible to be pleasant'. The Totnes Weekly Times noted that such an event was bound to cause comment in a small town, 'for at least the usual nine days.'
Totnes Weekly Times 16 August 1890 p8 col3

Mrs John Luscombe was probably Elizabeth Luscombe, aged 81, buried on August 11th 1890
Parish records

1900 George Harvey aged 5 was buried October 20th

1900 Polly Marion White aged 3 was buried October 31st

1900 Ellen Eales aged 6 months was buried October 31st

1900 Thomas Henry Dore aged 2 was buried October 31st

1900 Norman Reginald Orson Pook aged 3 years 5 months was buried November 2nd

1900 Ellen Taylor aged 44 was buried November 2nd

1900 Margaret Fairclough aged 51 was buried November 3rd

1900 Susan Berry aged 74 was buried November 8th

1907 William Percy Leaman aged 4 weeks was buried July 4th

1907 Laura James aged 45 was buried July 11th

1907 James Richards of West Street aged 83 was buried July 22nd

1907 Peter Fabyan Sparke Amery of Druid aged 67 was buried July 30th

1907 Jane Ann Squire of Park View aged 63 was buried August 2nd

1907 James Denney of West Street aged 67 was buried August 27th

1907 Flora Mary Milton aged 7 weeks was buried September 5th

1907 Eliza Eales aged 64 was buried October 26th

1913 Alfred Hetley Thomas Leaman of Kingsbridge Lane aged 3 months was buried February 28th

1913 John Hayman of Exminster aged 84 was buried March 3rd

1913 John Down of London House, Ashburton aged 77 was buried March 3rd

1913 Lucy Ann Thorne of Westlands, Ashburton aged 68 was buried March 5th

1913 Olive Maria Medway Rosewarne of East Street aged 2 months was buried March 12th

1913 William Ford of East Street aged 66 was buried March 22nd

1913 John Stancombe Beater of North Street aged 6 months was buried March 22nd

1913 Robert John Norsworthy of Auswell Cottage aged 10 months was buried Aoril 4th

All the above are from the parish register