I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their invaluable contributions, help and support:


First and foremost Ian Stoyle, who generously donated his Wilderness memorabilia to me. 

James Parnell

Pete Webb

John Oakford

George Hampshire

Maurice Mann

Lynn Whittaker

Hazel Bray

Wendy Major

Mary Woollacott 

Heather Woodley

Bill Spry

Susan Worman





Sandy Smith

Sarah Kenig

Alan Hitchcock

Roger Tilbury

Anne Douglas

Felicity Ford

Hilary Beard

Pat Blaney

Adrian Daw

Cary Bazalgette

Ashburton Museum

The St Lawrence Guild

Jacqui Buttriss of Steyning Museum

Angie Watson of The Sands School 

Sources used for this research:


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