Some banns and marriages

This is not an exhaustive list for any particular time period - just some records that I have come across during my research travels.

Above: Ballad from the Bodleian Library (Bod 12856), printed by Elias Keys, and sold by, amongst others, S Mann of Ashburton.
Image courtesy  and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence. Accessed 28-10-2016


1793 William Waycott, sojourner in the parish, bachelor, and Mary Wilks Honeywell, spinster of the parish, November 10th, 17th, 24th.

1793 John Ferris widower and Sarah Cater, spinster, both of the parish. November 17th, 24th, December 1st

1793 Nicholas Berry widower, and Thomzin Layman, both sojourners in the parish. November 24th, December 1st, 8th.

1793 Richard Taylor of the parish, bachelor, and Mary A_irs* sojourner in the parish, spinster, December 1st, 8th, 15th.

*Familysearch has Ayres

1794 William Hoper, bachelor and Phebe Home*, widow, both of the parish, January 7th, 12th, 19th.

*Familysearch has Hume

1796 George Ealeward*, sojourner, and Sarah Buffet of the parish, June 19th, 26th, July 3rd

*Familysearch has Ellward and Buffett

1796 James Eastes* and Elizabeth Stephens, both sojourners, June 19th, 26th, July 3rd

*Familysearch has Enstes

1796 Nicholas Boynes of this parish and Elizabeth Callard of Totnes, July 10th, 17th, 24th

1796 Daniel Doble and Susana Hamlyn, both of the parish, July 10th, 17th, 24th

1796 John Down sojourner and Margaret Fursman Leaman of this parish, July 10th, 17th, 24th

1832 Thomas Brock and Mary Bickford Brock, both of the parish, December 9th, 16th, 23rd

1832 George Boyens widower and Grace Hockham sojourner, December 23rd, 30th, January 6th

1832 Joseph Endacott widower and Mary Allin, December 30th, January 6th, 13th

1832 William Frazer Down and Elizabeth Foard, both of the parish, January 6th, 13th, 20th

All the banns above are from the parish register

Marriage Licences

1623 July 28th Thomas Mathewe of Ashburton and Darathy Martyn of the same

The Marriage Registers of the Diocese of Exeter from the Bishop's Registers, edited Lieutenant-Colonel J L Vivian, Exeter 1889, p81


1737 (this date changes to 1738 in March, when the new year used to begin. We would say this is January 1738) John Bickham married Letitia Acland January 23rd

1737 John Stephens married Joanna Furse February 13th

1737 Martha White married Mary Weeks (!) February 14th

1738 William Man and Mary Carpenter were married March 26th

1738 James Elliott and Rachel Cook were married April 4th

1738 Joseph Cranch and Grace Fursman were married April 7th

1738 George Mudge and Elizth. Jeffery of West Allington were married April 9th

1738 Edward Tapper and Agnes Cune were married April 9th

1738 Richard Ford of Holne and Margaret Withecombe were married May 23rd

1738 Mr. Richd Savery and Mrs. Elizth. Tozer were married May 28th

1738 Walter Brown and Grace Hoppings were married May 28th

1738 Jonathan Jerman and Susanna Scadgel (Seadgel?) were married June 18th

1738 Mr.Nicholas Tripe and Mrs. Hester Sowter were married August 9th (?)

1738 Richard Cuming and Mary Carlile were married August 15th

1738 George Southcomb and Richard Leat (!) were married September 19th

1738 William Taylor and Patience Kedger widow were married October 15th

1738 Richard Upton and Margaret Bury widow were married October 16th

1750 John Gregory of Bickington and Elizabeth Winsor were married October 14th

1750 Samuel Whiddon and Joan Tamlyn were married October 16th

1750 Peter Wills, widower, and Martha Bowaden, widow were married October 24th

1750 Richard Berry and Mary Angel were married October 26th

1750 Richard Taylor and Thomasin Rhodes were married December 12th (10th?)

1750 Thomas Scobel and Anne Skinner were married December 18th

1750 John Cooch and Mary Bull of Woodland were married December 18th

1750 Henry Wotton and Jane Bowden were married December 23rd

1750 Charles Tozer, widower, and Mary Norly were married December 30th

1750 (we would say 1751) Thomas Whitcombe and Elizabeth Horsham were married January 29th

1750 Philip Luscombe of Chudleigh and Elizabeth Bird were married January 30th

1751 Edward Weekes and Ann Foster were married April 6th

1751 John Windged and Mary Denly were married April 8th

1777 William Lobb, sojourner, and Ann Long Colyer were married March 2nd

1777 John Plimsoll of St Andrew's in Plymouth and Grace Cranch were married by licence April 1st

1777 John Monday and Agnes Pethebridge were married April 19th

1777 Richard Caunter and Jane Barnes were married April 25th

1780 George Neyle and Elizabeth Cockey were married December 27th

1781 William Sunter and Mary Winsor were married by licence January 10th

1781 Thomas Brishet, sojourner, and Elizabeth Lock were married January 30th

1781 William Spiller and Thomasina Foot were married February 11th. Note: both parties sign with a cross. Besides the mark of the groom is written, 'the mark of William Avery'.

All the marriages above are from the parish register

1789  Wm Heywood Esq. of Ashburton to Miss White. (month - May?)
The Town and Country magazine or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction and Entertainment 1789 pp239,

1792/93 Marriages. Thomas Tucker, attorney, to Miss Cookesley, both of Ashburton.

The Gentleman's Magazine, January 1793, vol73, p372

1793 Thomas Pethebridge married Mary Jerman on the 26th November
Parish register

1793 Nicholas Berry of North Bovey married Thomazin Leaman of Ilsington on the 15th December
Parish register

1793 William Waycot of Staverton married Mary Wilkes Honeywell on the 22nd December.
Parish register

1793 James Pode of Great Torrington married Elizabeth Hannaford on the 22nd December

Parish register

1795 Philip Berry married Mary Cranch Bennett on the 11th February.

Parish register

1795 Matthew White, widower, married Mary Mugridge, widow, on the 25th February.
Parish register

1795 Richard Tuckerman married Sarah Joyul on the 8th April.
Parish register

1803 George Westcot, of the parish of Totnes, bachelor, married Thomazin Madge, sojourner, widow, on January 31st

1803 Robert Davy, of the parish of North Tawton, bachelor, married Philippa Rogers, sojourner, widow, on February 1st

1803 William Foot married Grace Honywill, sojourner, widow, on February 3rd

1803 Richard Berry and Rebecka May were married February 7th

1810 Richard French, sojourner, married Grace Wycot, sojourner, on 12th August

1810 William Saunders of South Tawton married Elizabeth Butchers, sojourner, on 12th September

1810 Richard Smerdon married Joanna Smerdon on 21st September

All the above are from the parish register

1815 George Jackson of the parish of St. Botolph in the City of London and Amelia Gervis of Ashburton, married on September 7th, by licence.
Parish register

1815 William Lamble, sojourner, married Mary Dolbeare on October 19th.
Parish register

1817 At Stoodleigh, Col. John Hilley Symons, of the E.I. C's service, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late John Edmonds Esq. of Ashburton.

The new monthly magazine and universal register, Vol VII January to June 1817, p260

1818 John Templer and Elizabeth Sunter, both of the parish, were married by licence 24th June

Parish register.

1818 John Herton of the parish of Bickington and Mary Whiteway were married 25th June

Parish register

1818 Richd. Bickham, widower, and Agnes Crimp were married 12th July

Parish register

1822 Miss Walter, a linen-draper from Ashburton, married William Pitt, an ironmonger of Exeter, 'lately'

Exeter Flying Post 7 Feb 1822 p4 col2

1829 M. A. Brooking Soady of Middlesex married Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. W A Cockey on
June 6th.

Exeter Flying Post 18 June 1829 p2 col4

1833 William Ireland Ferris married Anne Osmond on 28th January

Parish register

1833 Joseph Endacott, widower, married Mary Allin on 31st January

Parish register

1833 William Frazer Down married Elizabeth Foard on 3rd February

Parish register

1833 John Holmen, chemist and druggist of Plymouth married Miss Matterface on 26th August.
Exeter Flying Post 29 August 1833 p2 col4

1835 Henry Caunter of Ashburton married Sarah Fulford of Crediton on 15th October.
Exeter Flying Post 22 October 1835 p2 col2

1836 Assistant Surgeon William Leggett, horse artillery, married Susan, daughter of the late John Higgins of Ashburton, Devon, at Bombay, India, on 8th June.

The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China and Australasia, Vol XX1 Sept-Dec 1836 p168

1836 John Saunders of Ashburton, carver and gilder, married Miss Tarr of Moretonhampstead on 15th November.
Exeter Flying Post 17 November 1836 p2 col5

1837 Henry Gervis of Ashburton, surgeon, married Marianne, eldest daughter of William Edgcombe of Penryn, on 23rd May.
Exeter Flying Post 1 June 1837 p2 col4

1837 J. P. P. Phillips of Gitcombe near Totnes, married Mary, eldest daughter of James Woodley of Halshanger, on 12th June.
Exeter Flying Post 22 June 1837 p2 col6

1841 Joseph Bowden and Mary Tucker, both of the parish, married on June 29th
Parish register

1841 John Amery of the parish of Lustleigh, and Mary Fabyan Sparke of the parish married by licence July 12th
Parish register

1841 John Skinner, widower, and Southard, both of the parish, married by licence July 25th

1848 Jasper Addems Amery and Catherine Wreford Tozer Tozer were married by licence May 9th

1848 James Thomas and Eliza Gregor married June 12th (?)
Parish register

1856 William M. Christian to Mary Ann, daughter of George Ireland of Ashburton, Devon.
Empire (Sydney, NSW, Australia) 30 October 1856 p4 col2
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1860 May 3rd William Foot, late of Ashburton, to Miss Helena Chard, at St Lawrence, Massachusetts, America.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 26 May 1860, p5 col4

1860 June 7th The Rev. James Law Challis, Rector of Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire, son of the Rev. James Challis, Plumian Professor of Astronomy in the University of Cambridge, to Margaret Edmonds, daughter of the Rev. William Marsh, vicar of Ashburton.

The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, Sylvanus Urban, 1860, July-December, London, 1860, p87

1860 Marcus (?) Irvin, son of William Irvin, married Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Solomon Northway, of Ashburton, Devon, on July 12th.
South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA) 20 July 1860 p2 col5
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1860 September 27th William Foot of Arfleet, Rolstone, Dorset, to Susan, only daughter of W R Whiteway, of Kingsbridge-House, Ashburton.
The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review, Sylvanus Urban, 1860, July-December, London, 1860, p547

1868 James Widger, formerly of Ashburton, married Elizabeth Gage, of Barton, America, at Toronto, America, on November 11th. Elizabeth was the daughter of the late James Gage.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 18 December 1868, p5 col5

1870 William Willcocks, the son of John Willcocks, married Susan Brock, the daughter of James Brock, on March 16th at the parish church.
Parish register

1870 Richard Leach Berry of Chagford, the son of John Berry, married Grace Caunter, the daughter of John Caunter (rank or profession: Esquire) on June 8th at the parish church.
Parish register

1871 Wm. I. Bawden, son of the late Isaac Bawden of Ashburton, Devon, married Margaret Ellen Creedon on 11th February at St. Patrick's, Melbourne. She was the daughter of the late Edward Creedon of Toureen, County Cork.
The Argus, (Melbourne, Victoria) 15 February 1871
p4 col4
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1876 Peter Dunstan Page, son of H. B. Page of Ashburton, Devon, married Annie Elizabeth Allmey on June 17th at All Saints' Cathedral, Bathurst.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 28 October 1876 p8 col1
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1885 Henry Bradridge Tucker, of the Bridge Hotel, Waltahuna, married Carrie Langler on January 8th at Holy Trinity Church, Lawrence. Carrie was the daughter of Mr. G. Langler of Ashburton, Devon.
Otago Witness 17 January 1885 Issue 1730, p17 col5
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1888 George Septimus Firth, youngest son of Frederic Hand Firth of Cator Court, Ashburton, Devon, married Annie Elizabeth, daughter of William Mason, by special licence. The marriage took place on January 18th at St. Joseph's, Woollahra.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 23 January 1888 p1 col1
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1894 Thomas Berry. a farmer aged 35, married Elizabeth Mary Yolland, aged 27, on May 8th. Thomas's father was Joshua Berry, and Elizabeth's father was Charles Yolland.
Parish register

1894 James Eales, a mason aged 21, married Mary Mortimore, aged 20, on June 10th (?). James's father was George Eales, and Mary's father was Henry Mortimore.
Parish register

1905 Mr H S Steele married Miss Wright of Paignton at Banff, Canada. He had previously been a captain of the Haytor Volunteers whilst living at Ashburton, and had served in the Boer War.
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 4 August 1905 p13 col1

Above: Wedding photograph of unidentified couple by Miss Satterly, photographer, Ashburton. Assuming that Amy Satterly used her married name after 1909, this would be before that date.
From my own collection

In 1912 Arthur P Endacott, of Basingstoke, married May V Merrifield at Plymouth. Arthur was the youngest son of Mr and Mrs J Endacott, of Ashburton.
Western Daily Mercury 9 July 1912, p10 col7

1914 Corporal Thomas Bovey, 20th Batt. A.I.E.F., married Miss Gertrude Bessie Smerdon in November, at Narrogin, Western Australia. Thomas was the son of William Bovey, of Blackmoor, Ashburton, and Miss Smerdon was also from Ashburton - she had only just arrived in Australia. Corporal Bovey rejoined his regiment immediately after the wedding.
Great Southern Leader (Pingelly, WA) 27 November 1914 p2 col7

The couple celebrated their silver wedding in 1939, at which point they were living in Albany. Gertrude's parents were named as Elijah and Bessie Smerdon, and Thomas's late mother as Mary Elizabeth.

The Western Australian (Perth, WA) 24 November 1939 p1 col1
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1922 James Byers Hay married Bessie, widow of the late S. Mann, on November 11th. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Abraham of Ashburton, Devon.

The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) 11 January 1923 p1 col1
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1925 Mary Louisa Flavell, widow of the Rev. Thomas Flavell, died at the home of her daughter in Ashburton, Devon, on May 17th.
The Press 21 May 1925 Volume LXI, Issue 18387, p1 col1
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1926 John Alfred Pym of Berkshire married Joyce Rose Godden on March 15th at St. Aidan's. Auckland. Miss Godden was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Godden of Ashburton, Devon.
New Zealand Herald 7 April 1926
Volume LXIII, Issue 19295,p1 col1
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1933 Gilbert James Palmer, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Palmer of Ashburton, Devon, married Mary Bridget Ruddy on January 14th, at St. Columba's Church, Charters Towers. Their future home was to be in Ayr.
The Northern Miner, Charters Towers, Qld) 28 January 1933 p4 col8

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