Edna Stoyle (photo courtesy Ian Stoyle )

The school was aiming to attract the children of business and professional people, and inevitably in a rural community, many were from farming families. This reflected both Henry and Edith's own background – Henry's father had been both a farmer and carpenter, and Edith's had been a draper.  A lot of farmers' children came from Totnes and Buckfastleigh - Eric Smerdon came from Buckfastleigh on the train. (Joy Smerdon)

Anne Douglas, who went to Greylands in the 1950s, believes that most of the pupils were day girls – some left after the 11+ to go to grammar schools. As well as local children, girls also came from Holne, Yelverton, Rattery, South Brent, Ivybridge – their parents were farmers, clergy, doctors, business people in the town and the surrounding areas. Hazel Bray remembers the children of the local bank manager going there. As with the earlier Wilderness School, many of the pupils were from abroad – India was particularly mentioned.Siblings often attended the schools, and the staff's own children and relatives swelled the numbers: Henry Naylor's youngest two children, Margaret and David were enrolled. When Ivan Stoyle came to teach at The Wilderness School in the mid 1930s, his sister Edna Stoyle boarded at Greylands. (Ian Stoyle ephemera ) One of Edna's teachers at this time was Isabella (Ella) Fox – later Ivan Stoyle and Ella Fox married.


 The following list contains all the pupils that I have come across so far,  from a variety of sources - there may be errors. It is certainly not complete.


Pupils at the Wilderness:

1933 Cambridge December examinations: O.E.Ghaleb, C.H. Naylor, W.L. Wright (Western Times 20 Jan 1933 )

1935-36 Old boys who had recently left the school:

J. W. Naylor at Exeter College, Oxford.

C.H. Naylor at London University.

N. Nash, Woolbrook Garage, Sidmouth

T. Savery, Glencoe, Totnes

L. (J?) Beavis, Devon Constabulary, Broadhempston, Totnes

W. Tuckett, Yeo Farm, Bickington, Newton Abbot

H. White, Wottons Farm, Broadhempston, Totnes

A Rogers, Goodstone, Bickington, Newton Abbot


Current pupils in The Wilderness Magazine:

Beavis, Bovey, Christophers, W. Evans, Faiz, Fraser, Furneaux, Giles, Guy, E. J. Hill, D. Jago, Janes, A. Joyner, Knight, Lee, Marks, Nash, D. S. Naylor, Shearburn, Sproule,

M.D. Mylchreest, form 3,

John Coaker, H. McKinley, J.W. Nicholson, J. Palk, E. W. Stonely, form 4

Vincent S. Charry, form 5

Recently left: Beavis, Faiz, Fraser, Hughes, James, Nash, Rogers, Saunders, Shearburn, Savery, Tuckett, Ware, White,

Recently arrived: Blight, probably Gerald Blight (Heather Woodley; Richard Blight confirms this) Charry, Furneaux, Goodall, McKinley, Pethybridge, Prescott, Race, Russell (i and ii)

(All the above from The Wilderness School Magazine)

Eric Smerdon (information submitted by Joy Smerdon)

 Cambridge School Certificate successes: R. L. Boxall, H. A. Gartner, H. W. Goldstein. (Western Morning News 18 Jan 1940 p2 col4)

School sports: D.S.Naylor, Evans, Mathieson. (Western Morning News 28 May 1937 p4 col1)


Pupils at Greylands:

1931 Cambridge School Certificate successes: A. E. Curley (should be Gurley ?) W. J. Stumbles (Western Morning News 26 August 1931 p6 col3)

1933 Cambridge School Certificate successes: L. Gurley (Western Morning News 17 January 1933 p9 col2)

1935 Cambridge School Certificates to M. A. Naylor, Joyce. M. Piller (Western Morning News 26 August 1935 p8 col2 )

1937 Cambridge School Certificate successes: E. H. French. (Western Times 22 January 1937 p8 col5)

1938 Cambridge School Certificate successes: V. I. Belgrave, M. D. Islip (Western Morning News 14 January 1938 p4 col3)

1930s Heather Shilstone (her own information)

Joan, Patience and Barty Mylchreest (information from Heather Woodley)

1939 Entertainment by pupils: S. Belgrave, J. Boyer, P. Collins, J. Evans, G. Guy, J. Palk, J. Taylor. (Western Morning News 29 June 1939 p5 col6) G. Guy probably Gwendie Guy (Heather Woodley)

1940 Cambridge School Certificates: M. Hunt, J.E.A. Taylor, A. A. Walke (Western Morning News 18 January 1940 p2 col4). A. A. Walke probably Audrey Walke (Heather Woodley)(James Parnell in Canada remembers a Mary Hunt and a Joan Taylor).

1940s Sheila Bligh

Martin and Patricia Daw (Adrian Daw)

1942 Cambridge School Certificates: Anne M Coaker and Sheila Belgrave (Western Morning News 26 January 1942 p4 col7 )

1940s Margaret Cornish, Yvonne Hoare, (possibly also Elizabeth and Margaret Hoare ?), Hilary Beard, Brenda Kerslake, Marcia Turrell, Mary Churchward, Daphne Tuckett, Rosemary Davies, Sheila Wyatt, Shirley Stoyle, Mary Hall (possibly with sister Cynthia Hall) (information from Margaret Briggs and Hilary Beard)

1950 Royal School of Music successes: Hilary Beard, Mary Churchward, Arleen Da Costa, Rosemary Davies, Shirley Stoyle, Elizabeth Tredinnick, Daphne Tuckett, Sheila Wyatt. (Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 14 Apr 1950 p6 col3)

1950s Geraldine Mann, Andy Dent, Shelagh Dent, Peter Bellamy,  Felicity and Rosemary Patrick (daughters of the Vicar of Rattery), Dawe from Holne, Palmer from Yelverton (previous 4  from Anne Douglas) Arthur and John Smith.

Susan Hall, a Teresa (Terri for short), a Felicity, June Setters (?) from Buckfastleigh, a Hazel from Buckfastleigh, Susan (?) Paul, whose parents owned a pub or a guesthouse at Holne, a Cynthia Hall and her sister, Margaret Cornish, Daphne Tucket, a Jamaican girl, Arlene, and her brothers - their surname was De Costa. There were two doctors' daughters, one of whom was called Fiona, and Anne (?) Gibson–she lived in Holne and her father was a veterinary surgeon? Rosemary Davies, parents had a hotel in Totnes? Susan Davenport. (from Pat Blayney)


 Photo courtesy Ian Stoyle

Some of year '38

Richard Blight has identified Gerald Blight as the child in row 5, photographs 3 (child on the right in front of the woman wearing a patterned skirt) and row 5, photograph 5.

Many thanks to Richard

Photos courtesy Heather Woodley 

 Boarders had to pack quite a trunk full when they came to school - here is what Edna Stoyle had to bring:

1 gymnasium tunic (navy)

1 jumper suit (fawn)

2 pairs of dark knickers with pale blue washable linings

2 coats – 1 fawn (belt), 1 school navy (there is a note here that says 'Wrong' – 1 dark navy for belt)

1 umbrella

1 waterproof hat to match

1 dressing gown

2 night dresses in case (additional 1 to follow)

3 vests

3 pairs of black stockings and mending

1 pair of fawn stocking and mending

3 pairs of knickers – blue green and pink

1 pair of tennis shoes

2 pairs of black shoes

1 pair of brown shoes

1 pair of wellington boots

1 pair of slippers, leather

1 pair of bedroom slippers

1 pair of gymnasium shoes




3 washing blouses (?) for gymnasium dress (white)

12 handkerchiefs

2 serviettes and ring

2 (linen ?) bags, brush and comb (2 bags), tooth brush, soap, flannel, nail brush, bath sponge and sponge bag

3 towels and 2 bath towels

2 pairs of sheets, 2 pillow cases

2 hats – one navy with badge and one to match best coat

1 prayer book and Bible

1 knife, 2 forks, dessert spoon and teaspoon

2 liberty bodices

2 pairs gloves – 1 leather and 1 (unreadable)

1 clothes brush

1 manicure set

1 blue petticoat

1 work bag (with scissors etc)

1 pinafore

1 pair shoe stretchers

1 handbag with purse

(Ian Stoyle ephemera )