This page contains all the staff that I have come across in connection with the two schools.

There may be errors, and the list is certainly not complete.

         Henry Naylor - image reproduced in Ashburton Grammar School 1314 – 1938, W. S. Graf, Ashburton 1938

Staff at the Wilderness:

Mr. Henry Naylor headmaster throughout the life of the school

1930s  Ivan F. S. Stoyle (Ian Stoyle)
Mr O. E. Ghaleb, English and French Master. Left to hold a similar post in Croydon, Surrey. (Wilderness School Magazine 1934-35, p2)

Mr. P. T. N. Coate. Only stayed one term. He died after a short illness (Wilderness School Magazine 1934-35, pp3, 12)

Mr. Hooper (Wilderness School Magazine 1935-36 p2)
Mr. G. W. Harris
(Wilderness School Magazine 1935-36 p2)
Mr. N. Lonsdale
(Wilderness School Magazine 1935-36 )

Mr. I. Stoyle (Wilderness School Magazine 1935-36 p7)

Mr. Buck (former maths teacher) at Cambridge (Wilderness School Magazine 1935-36 p3) 

1938 Mr. Charles Hulland B.A. Appointed resident assistant master (Western Times)

1938 Mr. A. F. Foreman appointed co-principal with Henry Naylor(Western Times 1 July 1938 p13 col1)

1939 Henry Naylor MA of Queens’ College, Cambridge and BA Lond (a former headmaster of the Grammar School) and A F Foreman BSc headmasters. (Kelly's Directory)

1940s? Mr Gibbs (Bill Spry)

1943 Mr Reginald Airy M.A.(Western Morning News 15 October 1943 p4 col2)


 Staff at Greylands:

Miss Margaret J. Sharkie M.A. Principal from beginning in 1930, left at end of the summer term 1933 to take up a post in Uxbridge (Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 2 Jun 1933 p7 col 4)

1930 Miss F D Kisley appointed second mistress. (Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 18 July 1930 p14 col5)

1930s Miss Isabella G Fox (Ian Stoyle)

1935 Miss M. B. Thomson headmistress (Kelly's Directory)

1936 Miss M. B. Thomson headmistress (Western Times 5 June 1936 p10 col 2)

1936 Autumn term. Ann L Perry is the form mistress for IVB, W Bowler is the Principal. See Maureen Daymond's report from the autumn term of 1936, in the Upbuilding of Character section.

1938 Miss W. Bowler headmistress (Western Morning News 17 December 1938 p9 col5)

1939 Miss W Bowler and Mrs F W Wilson mistresses. (Kelly's Directory)

1939 Irene A W Bowler and Clara Wilson co-principals. Eleanor Spencer was matron. (1939 Register)

1930s Miss Belt /   Miss Page Brown  /   Miss Walker Brown (Heather Woodley)

1943 Miss L A Baker headmistress (Western Morning News 18 June 1943 p4 col5) Retired through ill health

1943 Miss Mary S Pim headmistress (Western Morning News 18 June 1943 p4 col5) Went with the school when Greylands moved to Newton Abbot

Ashburton High School post Henry Naylor:

1946 Miss W. D'O headmistress (Western Morning News 27 August 1946 p1 col6) Remained Principal until the school closed circa 1961

1940s Mr and Mrs Hunt (from Margaret Briggs) 'Mr Hunt died within the year but Mrs Hunt continued as a teacher' (Anne Mortimore)

Matron was Mrs Davies (from Bill Spry)

1950 Mlle La Paire (Western Times 17 November 1950 p5 col4)

1950s Miss Wolf and Miss Scanlon (Anne Douglas); Mrs. Burrows, Miss Moore, (Anne Mortimore thinks possiby Mrs. Moore), Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Beaverbrook (?) (Felicity Ford) ; Mrs Grundy, Moira Babbington
(Anne Mortimore)