The Glanville family

'The present Independent Chapel, situated in North Street, Ashburton, appears from the original trust deed to have been erected in 1739, on the site of a barn which had been converted into a meeting-house for the worship of God as early as 1712, it being so described in a deed of that date...
From the deeds, the property appears to have originally belonged to Thomas Glanvill of Exeter, fuller, and Thomas Sainthill, of Ashburton, clothier, who, November 15th, 1712, conveyed it to one John Comyn...'
Early Nonconformity in Ashburton, Edward Windeatt, Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association, vol 28, 1896, p236ff


When Stephen Henry Burt Glanville died in 1898, the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette published details of his antecedents.

Sir John Glanville, of Broad Hinton, county Wilts, was Speaker of the House of Commons in 1640.
John Glanville, his son, was a Councillor-at-law, eventually occupying the Broad Hinton property. He married a daughter of Sir Edmund Fortesque, Kt., of Fallapit, and their younger son, Edward Glanville [ie the grandson of Sir John] came to Ashburton.
His great grandson, Thomas Glanville, was born at Ashburton in 1766.

[It cannot be the case that Thomas is the great grandson of Sir John - Edward, allegedly Thomas's father, seems to have died in 1738 at the latest. What seems likely is that Edward had a son Richard, who had a son Roger, and it was Roger who was the father of Thomas. See below].

Thomas became an officer in the Royal Navy, and was captured by the French. 'For many years [he] remained a prisoner, to the impoverishment and ruin of his family.'
Thomas's son, Thomas Glanville, obtained a post in the Dockyard at Plymouth, where he died in 1849 at the age of 60.
Thomas had three sons:
James Burt, who died in India.
Thomas Burt, who a member of the Cape Parliament, and afterwards Commissioner for the Cape Colony in London.
Stephen Henry Burt Glanville, 'who has just passed from our midst.'
Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, 21 December 1898, p3 col5

The Wiltshire connection.
Sir John Glanville

'About 1615 he married Winifred, daughter of William Bouchier of Barnsley, Gloucestershire, by whom he had seven children, including four sons: William, who succeeded to his estates; John, a barrister; Francis, who fell at Bridgewater during the civil war on the king's side; and Julius.',_John_(1586-1661)_(DNB00)

Wiltshire Family History Society have produced a Memorial Inscription Index Transcription. John Glanville, of Broad Hinton, was buried in 1661. He was the husband of Winifred.
Wiltshire FHS Memorial Inscription Index Transcription,

 [Sir] John Glanville (d. 1661) was succeeded by his son William (d. 1680)

The National Archives hold a marriage settlement of William, son and heir of Sir John Glanville, with Frances, daughter and heir of Sir Henry Gibb, in 1653.

William, 1st son of John, was buried, aged 65, in October 1680. He was of Broad Hinton.

Wiltshire FHS Memorial Inscription Index Transcription,

William Glanville, who died in 1680, left no surviving male issue.
Francis Glanville, second son, lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Army, was killed at the siege of Bridgwater in 1645.
John Glanville, third son, barrister-at-law, succeeded his brother at Broadhinton. He married Catherine, the daughter of Sir Edmund Fortescue, of Fallopit, Bart., by whom, with other issue, he had two sons, John and Edward Glanville, who at his death in 1738 left numerous descendants, who mostly resided at Ashburton, amongst who was Thomas Glanville Taylor, Astronomer, F.R.C.S., F.R.A.S., etc
Ancient Westcountry Families and Their Armorial Bearings, B H Williams, Penzance, 1916 pp97-100.
Information from partial transcription on

Julius Glanville, of Ham, Kingston-on-Thames, son of Sir Jn G., made a will in 1702 which was proved in 1709.
He left various properties and lands, including something at Broadhinton, to his son Jn. G. Other children mentioned are Julius, Ann and Winifred. The will is held at the Cornwall Record Office.

John Glanville married
Katherine Fortesque, born 1635.
Children Winifred Lowe 1654
John 1659
Edward 1660

The Glanvilles in Ashburton.
Edward Glanvill married Charity Tinckham 24th August 1703 at Ashburton
Parish records

Charitie Tinkam, the daughter of Richard, had been baptised in Ashburton 17th April 1682

Richard Glanvill, the son of Edward, bapt January 1703 (old calendar - we would say 1704)
Parish records
Joan Glanvill, the daughter of Edward, bapt March 1707
John Glanvill, the son of Edward, bapt December 1710 (died Janaury 1712)
Elizabeth Glanvill, the daughter of Edward, bapt May 1714

Edward Glanvill buried 7th July 1726
Charity Glanvill was buried 5th September 1745
Parish records

Edward died at Ashburton 1738*
*I cannot find a burial in the parish records
Richard Glanvill and Elizabeth Sainthill were married at Ashburton in August 1722
Richard was possibly the Richard baptised in January 1703/4, the son of Edward Glanvil.
Elizabeth was probably
baptised in April 1701, the daughter of Symon Sainthill.
Parish records

8 children were baptised at Ashburton from 1722 onwards, with Richard Glanvill named as father:
The dates can be ambiguous, because the new year then ran from the end of March.
Thomas January 1722 /23
Joanna 1725
Richard 1728
Richard 1733, buried 1733 ('the son of Richard Glanvill')
Richard 1735
Elizabeth 1737, buried 1738 ('daughter of Richard Glanvill')
Eliza 1740
Roger 1742
Parish records

Elizabeth, probably the wife of Richard, was buried in November 1755
Richard Glanvill the elder, was buried July 1800. If this is Elizabeth's husband he would have been 96.
Parish records

Thomas Glanvill married Ann Halse 20th March 1747, at Ashburton
Ann may have been the Ann Halse, daughter of Roger, who was baptised in May 1727
Parish records

Thomas and Ann may be the parents of the following children baptised at Ashburton:
Anne daughter of Thos and Anne Glanvill, bapt August 1752
Parish records
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Ann Glanvil, bapt March 1755

Bishop's Transcripts 1558 - 1887, available through
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Glanvil, was buried in February 1756
Parish records
Mary daughter of Thos and Ann Glanvil, bapt December 1756
Bishop's Transcripts 1558 - 1887, available through
Elizabeth daughter of Thos and Anne Glanvil, bapt August 1759
Bishop's Transcripts 1558 - 1887, available through
Joanna, daughter of Thos and Ann Glanvil, bapt Sept 1761
Parish records

Thomas was probably the Thomas who was buried in November 1765
Ann Glanville 'the elder' was buried in January 1790
Parish records

Richard Glanvill married Mary Halse in January 1755. Both were of the parish.
Parish records
Mary, the daughter of Richard and Mary Glanvil, was baptised in July 1755
Bishop's Transcripts, courtesy Devon County Council
Mary wife of Richd Glanvill was buried in May 1756.
Parish records

Richard Glanvill married Ann Willcocks 22nd March 1761 at Stoke Damerel.

Transcription Devon Family History Society
This is possibly the Richard and Ann Glanvil who have the following children at Ashburton:
Richard Glanvil bapt Jan 1765 (Richard a cordwainer)
Ann Glanvil bapt June 1767

Parish records
Thos Glanvill bapt August 1770
Mary Glanvill bapt August 1773
Parish records

Roger Glanvill married Mary Teddy in April 1765 in Ashburton; both were of the parish. One of the witnesses was Richard Glanvill.
Parish records

Mary Glanvil, the daughter of Roger and Mary, was baptised on 14th February 1768 at Ashburton.
Parish records

Other children of the couple were:
Thos Glanvil, bapt May 1766
Elizabeth bapt March 1770
Susanna Glanvill bapt June 1773
Richard Glanvill, bapt Feb 1778
Roger Glanvill, bapt Dec 1781
Parish records

Mary Glanville, of the parish of Charles, Plymouth, married David Hele, 'a labourer' on 15th October 1794, at Stoke Damerel. David was of the parish.

John, the son of David and Mary Hele, was baptised at Stoke Damerel 29th November, 1801.

Stoke Damerel parish records.

Roger Glanvill, 'the elder', was buried at Ashburton, aged 77, on 30th April 1820.
Mary Glanvill, widow, was buried the following month, aged 76.

Parish records

'John Hele, the son of David and Mary Hele, was born at Plymouth Dock in 1801, and baptised at Stoke Church, Plymouth. His father was a native of Sandford, Crediton, Devon...David Hele served his time to the trade of a thatcher, in Sandford, and had two sisters, who were married at Sandford, one to Mr Webb, a tailor, and the other to Mr Greenslade, of Shobrooke. Mary, the wife of David Hele, was born at Ashburton, in the county of Devon, and was the daughter of Roger and Mary Granville; her father was in the woollen trade, and carried on a large business at Ashburton, having many combers in his employ; had two sons, Thomas and Roger, and two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. Mary married David Hele, and Elizabeth married Thomas Taylor, of Bickington, near Ashburton, who was an astronomer, and lived for a great many years at the Observatory, Greenwich, near London. Roger Granville the younger married Miss Willcocks, of Buckfastleigh, and worked at the wool-combing business for his father until his death.* He had two sons, Thomas and Richard. There were other relations in Ashburton, among them Miss Glanville, an independent lady, and her sister, Mrs Adams.
Mary Glanville was married at Ashburton to David Hele, who went to live at Plymouth Dock, now called Devonport, and kept for about seven years a large hotel, horsing the mail from Devonport to Plymouth and Exeter.
Reminiscences of John Hele, of Alphington, Devon, John Hele, Exeter, 1870, p1
*This is incorrect - John may be confusing Roger with a Richard of an earlier generation who married Ann Willcocks 22nd March 1761 at Stoke Damerel.
Roger Glanville the younger married Susanna Angel in 1803.
Parish records

In 1851 Roger Glanvill, 69, and his wife Susanna, 70, were living in West Street. Their 41 year old unmarried son, Richard was living with them - he was a master tailor. All three had been born in Ashburton.
1851 census HO107, piece no. 1871, folio 268, p19

'I know for certain that my ancestor Roger married Susanna Angel because the Angels owned and passed on lots of silver items. Until two generations ago the whereabouts of a few of them, including a sugar bowl in the shape of a Roman helmet, were known to the family. They were always referred to as the 'Angel silver', but sadly I have had no success tracking any of it down.
Roger and Susanna's eldest son, Thomas, moved to Exeter then Clerkenwell, Middlesex, in the 1850s. The Glanvill tailors shop on Jerusalem Passage survived for almost a century, despite Thomas being a Baptist preacher and really only moving to London because of 'a calling'. Thomas had 'A native of Ashburton inscribed on his grave marker. Several generations later, many descendants still live just a few miles from Clerkenwell.'
Many thanks to Rick Glanvill for the above information.
Rick can be contacted at:
47 year old Thomas Glanvill is a widower in 1851, living in St Thomas, Exeter, with his three sons and daughter Sarah. A tailor, he was born in Ashburton.
1851 census HO107, piece no 1867, folio 86, p25

In the 1861 census for Clerkenwell, London, 57 year old Thomas Glanvill is living with his son, also Thomas, at 11, Jerusalem Passage. Thomas snr., a widower born in Ashburton, is a tailor.
1851 census RG09, piece no. 190, folio 54, p6

Susanna Glanvill, of the parish of Plymouth St Andrew, and Thomas Taylor, late schoolmaster of The Minotaur, were married by licence 26th March 1802.
Plymouth St Andrew Parish records

1812 Harriet Taylor, daughter of Thomas and Susanna, was born in Clarks' Buildings, Greenwich, Kent on 28th March 1812. The non-conformist record gives the information that Susanna was the daughter of Roger and Mary Glanvill.
England and Wales Non-Conformist births and baptisms, available through

See Remarkable and interesting people, under Famous Ashburtonians, for information on Thomas Glanville Taylor, the son of Thomas and Susanna.

                                      Elizabeth Glanville's property

                             1831 lease of a property in East Street

See above  - Dated 3rd day of January 1831 lease for one year Miss Glanville to Mr R Glanville

'This indenture made the third day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one Between Elizabeth Glanville of Ashburton in the county of Devon spinster of the one part and Roger Glanville of Ashburton aforesaid Woolcomber of the other part Witnessth that she Elizabeth Glanville for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of Lawful British money to her in hand paid by the said Roger Glanville at or before the execution hereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained and sold and by these presents Doth bargain and sell unto the said Roger Glanville his executors administrators and assigns All that one back house with the appurtenances formerly a Barn after converted into a stable anciently called the New House situate lying and being in a courtlage belonging to the Dwelling house formerly of Henry Addiscott deceased in or near the East Street of the town and borough of Ashburton aforesaid which said Premises were formerly in the possession of Walter Shillabear his assigns or assignees undertenant or undertenants then of John Boaden deceased his undertenant or undertenants afterwards of Elizabeth Horseham her tenant or tenants then of Roger Glanville deceased his Tenant or Tenants but now of the said Elizabeth Glanville her Tenant or Tenants Together with all ways paths passages waters watercourses easements profits advantages hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining And the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders rents issues and Profits thereof and of every part and parcel thereof To have and to hold the said House Barn or Stable and Premises hereby bargained and sold or intended so to be with the appurtenances unto the said Roger Glanville party hereto his executors administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date of these presents for and during and unto the full end and term of one whole year from then next ensuing and to be the compleat and ended yielding and paying therefore unto the said Elizabeth Glanville her heirs or assigns the rent of one Barley Corn on the last day of the said term if the same shall be lawfully demanded to the intent that by virtue of these presents and by the statute made for transferring uses into possession he the said Roger Glanville may be in the actual possession of all and singular the same hereby bargained and sold house and appurtenances and be hereby enabled to accept and take a Grant and Release of the Freehold reversion and Inheritance thereof to him his Heirs and Assigns for ever In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents their hands and seals have set the day and year first above written

(signed) Elizabeth Glanville'


Roger was probably baptised December 1781 in Ashburton, the son of Roger and Mary Glanvill, and is probably the same Roger Glanvill who married Susanna Angel in 1803.

In the 1861 census he was a 79 year old widower, living with his son Richard in West Street.

Elizabeth may have been his elder sister, baptised in March 1770

parish records

Roger Glanvill was buried in February 1865, aged 83

Parish records

Many thanks to Linda Phillips for the above document