Yolland Hill
Nottingham University's survey of English place names has the following names for Yolland Hill: 1270 La Yoldelonde 
Assize Rolls

1330 Oldelond
Lay Subsidy Rolls
1603 Yollande Hill
Transactions of the Devonshire Association

The churchwardens' accounts of 1543-44 have a reference to '16d carriage of le tymber from Yowlond'. Alison Hanham identifies Yowlond as Yolland Hill.

Alison Hanham, ed., Churchwardens' Accounts of Ashburton 1479 -1580, Devon and Cornwall Record Society, 1970, p112

Devon Record Office has a document from 1761 described as 'Final concord Walter Palke plt., Aaron Tozer, gent, Mary his wife, and Eleanor Welsford, widow, defts. Messuage, 2 barns, land etc., at Yollands Hill, Whitsley Parks and elsewhere in Ashburton.' 

Ref 86Z/T/1, Devon Heritage Centre, 1761 
https://devon-cat.swheritage.org.uk/records/86Z/T/1 - accessed 16-01-2023

In a letter in 1774 from Robert Palk jnr. to Robert Palk esq., Robert jnr. writes, 'Captain Skottowe undertook the care of a box for you, which I expect you will say contains a monument to my folly. If it should not prove acceptable at Haldon House, I daresay it will be very much so at Yolland Hill.'
Ref Z6/227, Devon Heritage Centre, 1774
https://devon-cat.swheritage.org.uk/records/Z6/227 - accessed 16-01-2023

The tithe map apportionments, circa 1840, has the Rev Thomas Heberden as the landowner of Yolland Hill, with William Barons as the occupier.
https://www.devon.gov.uk/historicenvironment/tithe-map/ashburton/ - accessed 19-01-2023
A candidate for William Barons is the William who was the son of Henry and Mary, baptized in November 1788 at Cornwood. See comment on Maria Barons, below.
Cornwood parish records

An advertisement in the Western Times in August 1850 stated that a lady and gentleman could be accommodated at Yolland Hill Farm with lodgings or board and lodgings on very moderate terms. The house was beautifully situated with extensive views. Applicants were to contact Mr. R Hext at the farm.

Western Times 31 August 1850, p1 col1

Richard Hext and his wife Harriet were at Yolland Hill in 1851, together with their 3 month old son James. Richard was a farmer of 99 acres, employing one labourer, and three agricultural servants.
1851 census HO107, piece no. 1871, folio 358, p1

Richard Hext, 44, was at Yolland Hill Farm at the time of the 1861 census. He was a farmer of 100 acres, employing 2 men and 2 boys. Also in the household with Richard and his wife Harriet were 6 children and three servants.

Richard Hext was a farmer of 225 acres in 1871.
79 year old Maria Barons was a boarder at the property.
Maria Barons and her husband, Richard, were at Broadhempston in 1851. Richard was a farmer of 100 acres. Richard had been born in Cornwood; Maria, aged 60, had been born in Ermington.
A candidate for Richard Barons is Richard, the son of Henry and Mary, baptized in April 1791, at Cornwood. This would make Maria the sister-in-law of William Barons, above.
1851 census HO107 piece no 1871, folio 396, p3
Cornwood parish records

Richard and Harriet were still at Yolland Hill in 1891 

1861 census RG09, piece no. 1405, folio 17, p13
1871 census RG10, piece no. 2080, folio 21, p20
1891 census RG12, piece no. 1698, folio 59, p55

Richard Hext of Yolland Hill, aged 77, was buried on April 4th, 1892
His wife, Harriet, 68, was buried ten days later on the 14th.
Parish records

38 year old Richard Hext, and his wife Isabella, were at Yolland Hill Farm in the 1901 census.

1901 census RG13, piece no. 2023, folio 9, p9

When the funeral of Mrs I A Hext took place in 1933, she was described as the wife of Mr Richard Hext of Yolland Hill Farm.
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo 5 Jan 1933, p3, col4

Widower Richard Hext, born in May 1862, was at Yolland Hill Farm in 1939. He was a general farmer. Also in the household was Florence F(?) Down, a retired LCC teacher, but by then a housekeeper.
1939 register

John A Sawdye received instructions to sell Yolland Hill Farm in September 1939. The sale was to be by auction on October 31st.
Western Morning News 30 September 1939, p3, col2

Cannon, of Yolland Hill, was looking to employ a young man for general farm work in 1946.
Western Morning News 20 June 1946, p4 col2

In 1949 Brian, the only son of Mr and Mrs Buckpitt of Gages, became engaged to Eileen, the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs F W Cannon, of Yolland Hill. 

Western Morning News 16 February 1949, p2 col5

Frederick William Cannon was still at Yolland Hill when he was disqualified from driving for 12 months in 1963. The charge was driving a vehicle whilst under the influence of drink. Part of his defence was that he had been driving cars since 1920 - Mr R McGahey submitted that it was the road that wandered, not Cannon.
Torbay Express and South Devon Echo 20 June 1963, p5 cols 1/2

Bettesworths were selling Yolland Hill in 1982. Described as a Georgian residence, the property, which had five bedrooms, was set in 17 acres of parklike grounds. There was an annexe to the house, and 3 newly converted holiday flats. The asking price was £175,000. 

Torbay Express and South Devon Echo, 28 September 1982, p2 col 4/5