The Bennett family
'In the immediate neighbourhood of the town an estate called Rew, possesses an Elizabethan house, which is still the property, and was for some years the residence of the family of Bennett, but it is now attached to the farm.'
Charles Worthy, Ashburton and Its Neighbourhood, Ashburton, 1875, p46

William Bennett married Anna Maria Rowe at Ashburton in May 1755

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John Row Bennet was baptised in March 1768, Ashburton, the son of Wm and Anna Maria
Parish records

William Bennett of Rew was buried in November 1779
William Bennett of Rew was buried in November 1781 
Parish records
Either, or neither may have been the father of John Rowe

John Rowe Bennett was apprenticed to John Caunton [Caunter?], clothier, Ashburton, 1783
Country Apprentices Britain, 1710 - 1808

John Rowe Bennett was Quartermaster at Tavistock, in 1796.
List of officers of the several regiments and corps etc., War Office, 1797, p287

Mrs Anna Maria Bennet of Rew was buried in December 1799
Parish records

An abstract of title (ie a chronological description of the contents of all the title deeds) concerning Belford Mill, which comprised land, mill and dwelling houses, says that it was bounded on the west by the road leading from the town of Ashburton towards Halshanger and Ilsington parish, on the east by the river Yeo, on the north by the lands of John Rowe Bennett Esquire, and on the south by the lands of woollen cloth manufacturers John and Richard Berry, which were eventually bought by John F[abyan] Amery Esquire.
For more on Belford Mill, see Woollen and other Mills, under Banks and Businesses 3
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John Rowe Bennett, 'Captain in the South Devon Regt. of Militia, now at Bristol' married Jane Ley, of the parish of Cockington, in November 1804. Jacob Ley was the minister, and the witnesses were Sarah, Philippa and Anne Ley.
Cockington Parish records

William Andrew Bennett, the son of John Row and Jane, was baptised in October 1805. He was buried in 1806
Ashburton parish records

Mary Ann Bennett, the daughter of John and Jane, was baptised in November 1806
Ashburton parish records

Jane Ley, the daughter of John Rowe and Jane Bennett, was baptised in Cockington in March 1808. 
Cockington parish records

John, the son of John Rowe and Jane Bennett, was baptised in November 1810. 
Cockington parish records

Elizabeth, the daughter of John Rowe and Jane Bennett, was baptised in October 1811. 
Cockington parish records

William Bewes Bennett was born December 23rd, 1812, the son of John Rowe and Jane Bennett. He was baptised privately in February 1813, and received publicly in August [?] His father was Esquire, and his abode was Chelston.
Cockington parish records

Sarah Anne, the daughter of John Rowe and Jane Bennett, was privately baptised in November 1815, and publicly baptised in 1817. John Rowe was Esquire, and his abode was Chelston.
Cockington parish records

Caroline Philippa, the daughter of John Rowe and Jane Bennett, was privately baptised in April 1817. John Rowe was Esquire, and his abode was Chelston.
Cockington parish records

John Row Bennett died in May 1837 aged 69, and was buried in Ashburton churchyard. His abode was Sandwell in Harberton.
Parish records

The announcement of his death, at Sandwill House, said that he had been a captain of the Southern Regiment of the Devonshire Militia for many years, serving 'during the whole of the French revolutionary war, to the peace of 1814, with credit to himself and honour to the service.'
Western Times 3 June 1837, p3 col1

'[Sandwell] is now the property and residence of John Bennett Esq., who purchased it, since 1814, of the trustees of the late Thos. Lear Esq.'
Daniel Lysons, Magna Britannia, vol VI, Devonshire, 1822, p254

According to White's Directory of 1850, the Rev W B Bennett was one of the principal owners in Harberton: the Rev Wm Bewes Bennett is listed at Sandwell.
William White, History, Gazetteer and Directory of Devonshire, 1850

The tithe map of circa 1841 shows Jane Bennett as the landowner of the Rew Estate at Ashburton, plus the owner of several plots held leasehold under Lord Clinton. - accessed 07-04-2022

A memorial in Ashburton churchyard commemorates John Rowe Bennett and his wife Jane, who died in 1848. Also recorded are children William Andrew, 1806; Caroline Phillippa, 1818; Elizabeth, 1819; and Mary Ann, 1879.
In addition John, the son of John and Jane, died in Calcutta in 1864, and another son, Rev. William Bewes Bennett, died in 1857.

More on the children of John Rowe and Jane Bennett:
Mary Ann Bennett, baptised in 1806, was an annuitant aged 64, living at Plympton St Mary at the time of the 1871 census. She had been born in Ashburton
1871 census RG10, piece no 2108, folio 10, p14

Mary Ann Bennett was buried at Ashburton in September 1879. Aged 72, her abode was Brixton.
Parish records
Jane Ley Bennett married Edmund Yonge of Yealmpton in August 1835. The wedding, at Harberton, was by licence - Edmund was a captain in the R N.
Harberton parish records

In 1861 the couple were living at Elbridge House, Brixton, Plympton St Mary, with their 18 year old son, James E. 65 year old Edmund was a captain on half pay; Jane was 53.
1861 census RG09, piece no 1428, folio 94, p11

Vice Admiral Edmund Yonge died in April 1868 at Ellbridge House, Brixton, Devon. His will was proved by Jane Ley Yonge and the Rev Duke Yonge, nephew of Edmund, the executors.
England and Wales Government Probate Death Index, 1858-2019

Jane Ley Yonge was buried at Newton Ferrers in February 1881. Aged 73, her abode was Brixton.
Newton Ferrers parish records

William Bewes Bennett, born in 1812, got his BA degree from Wadham College, Oxford, in 1835.
Sherborne Mercury, 15th JUne 1835, p2 col6

By 1841 he was the curate of St Eval, Cornwall
The Clergy List for 1841, London, 1841, p15

At the time of the 1851 census he was p[erpetual] curate at Pentyre, Crantock. Aged 38, he was unmarried.
1851 census, HO107, piece no 1905, folio 481, p7

In 1855 the Bishop of Exeter licensed the Rev. W B Bennett MA to the incumbency of Posbury.
Exeter Flying Post 3rd May 1855, p5 col4

'Suddenly at Posbury, Devonshire, on Sunday 15th inst., aged 44, the Rev William Bewes Bennett, curate of Posbury, and for many years perpetual curate of Crantock in this county.'
Royal Cornwall Gazette, 27 March 1857, p8 col5

William Bewes Bennett of Posbury nr Crediton, buried Ashburton March 23rd, 1857, aged 46.
Parish records

His will, in the PCC, says he was incumbent of Posbury

Sarah Anne Bennett, born 1815, married the Rev. Sackville George Cresswell in May 1861. The bride was the daughter of John Rowe Bennett of Sandwell, and the marriage took place at 'Credington'. The Rev. Cresswell was the incumbent of St Luke's, Posbury. 
Union, 31st May 1861, p14 col2

The 1868/69 electoral register for Ashburton shows Sackville George Cresswell entitled to vote by virtue of a moiety of a freehold house and lands on the Rew Estate. His address was Postbury House, Crediton.
Electoral registers 1832-1932, available through
                                     Edward Herbert Bayldon's land

A document dated 1890 is an 'Abstract of the Title of Edward Herbert Bayldon Esq. and Annie his wife and their trustees to certain Freehold Land in the parish of Ashburton in the County of Devon.'

The property concerned was 'all that capital messuage farm and lands called Rew otherwise Ray in the parish of Ashburton in the County of Devon to hold unto and to the use of the said Edward Herbert Bayldon in fee simple and also all that field called the "Claw" otherwise "Ireland's Claw" in the said parish of Ashburton to hold unto the said Edward Herbert Bayldon for the residue of the term of one thousand years therein created in or about the year 1704.'
The document is a complicated one, involving a large number of people.

Edmund Yonge
Jane Ley the wife of Edmund Yonge
Mary Ann Bennett spinster
Sarah Ann Bennett spinster
of the first part

The Reverend William Bewes Bennett
of the second part

The Reverend Jacob Ley the Younger
of the third part

'It appeared that...the indenture of the 13th March 1854 was never executed...the said James Edmond Yonge was the only son and heir of the said Edmund Yonge and Jane Ley his wife.'
'Ultimately by the will of the said James Ley Yonge...the said James Edmond Yonge became entitled to the beneficial interests in one undivided moiety of...the lands thereinafter mentioned...

...and reciting the will of the said William Bewes Bennett...Sarah Ann Cresswell (then the said Sarah Ann Bennett spinster) became entitled to the beneficial interest in the other undivided moiety of...the lands thereinafter mentioned...'
The Reverend Sackville George Cresswell
of the first part

Sarah Ann Bennett
of the second part

Cecil Edward Bewes
Richard Preston Bishop
of the third part

'Being the settlement in contemplation of the marriage of the said Sackville George Cresswell and the said Sarah Ann Bennett' where the undivided moiety of Sarah Ann Bennett's land was transferred to Cecil Edward Bewes and Richard Preston Bishop.
Sackville George Cresswell
of the first part

Cecil Edward Bewes
Richard Preston Bewes
of the second part

James Mayne
of the third part

Sarah Ann Bennett appointed James Mayne to be a trustee of the Indenture of Settlement in place of Richard Preston Bishop.

Agreement by James Edward Yonge, Cecil Edward Bewes and James Mayne with Edward Herbert Bayldon for sale to him of the fee simple of the lands thereinafter mentioned 'as being conveyed for the residue of a certain term of 1000 years for the sum of £3500.
Above: Section of a document dealing with Rew and a field called Claw or Ireland's Claw.
From my own collection
The Rev John Ley of Beachcroft, Torquay, Clerk in Holy Orders
Elizabeth Hussey formerly of Daventry in the County of Northampton but then of the city of Oxford, widow
Sarah Jane Ley also formerly of Daventry but then of Sowton Rectory near Exeter, spinster
All of the first part

James Edmond Yonge of Brixton in the County of Devon Esquire
of the second part

Cecil Edward Bewes of Hillside in the parish of Plympton St Mary in the County of Devon Esquire
The Reverend James Mayne of Romansleigh in the County of Devon Clerk in Holy Orders
of the third part

Sarah Ann Cresswell of Holcombe Burnell Vicarage in the County of Devon wife of the Reverend Sackville George Cresswell Clerk
of the fourth part

Edward Herbert Bayldon of the fifth part.
Edward Herbert Bayldon of 20 Addison Road Kensington in the County of Middlesex, gentleman
of the first part

Annie Bayldon his wife
of the second part

Sidney Stevens of 5 Princes Street Bank in the City of London, gentleman (the natural and lawful brother of Annie Bayldon)
Robert Edward Joshua Matthews of 66 Gresham Street in the City of London, solicitor
of the third part

Edward Herbert Bayldon being in need of £200 was lent the money by Sidney Stevens, on condition that Edward Herbert Bayldon made provision for Annie Bayldon and her children. Rew otherwise Ray and the field called the Claw otherwise Ireland's Claw was conveyed to Sidney Stevens and Robert Edward Joshua Matthews as Trustees. After the deaths of Edward Herbert Bayldon and his wife Annie the trustees had the discretion to sell the hereditaments and premises.